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thankQ Overview

No description

Brian Davids

on 19 March 2013

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Transcript of thankQ Overview

One Contact - Many Views! ....on Steroids! Relationships Donors
Event Attendees
SOFT Credited Peak Bodies
Trusts/Foundations (Depending on Security & Roles of course) Develop the Supporter Narrative Analysis & Reporting Searching
- Quick (name, serial, sound like)
- Yellow Box (any field plus combinations)
- Power (wizard using database statements) Business Rules! An Event is any meeting of people
Be it a committee, a workshop or a ball
Be it Paid or Unpaid Volunteers Web process Collaboration...... Online Donations ++ ....and Access Shared Knowledge
Shared Documents
Shared Actions &
Workflows eMailer Merchandise A System needs... Alumni / Education Grants Sponsorships Communication Grant Giving User Reports Dashboard * Categorisation
* Communications
* Profiling
* Grouping
* Document Management
* Your Own TABS! Recency Frequency Monetary Moves Management eDonations eEvents eMembership eRegister eRaffles eCommunity eWhateveryoulike Next Ask? thankQ's 'Back Office' has Modules for: FundRaising Membership Events Prospect Tracking Volunteers Sponsorship Document Management Grant Management Merchandise Client Services Enquiries Donor Management Accounts Receivable Mail Management ....and many more! Workflow In a Fully Inclusive Package! Schools New License Types
•Limited Edit – Ability to create and edit Contacts, Actions and Communication plus generate reports.
Also allows read only access to all other parts of thankQ provided their security rights allow this.
•Read Only – allows the user read only access to all parts of thankQ provided their security rights allow this plus the ability to run reports Schools Module Manage educational classes at different Schools
Allocate teachers and students and generate timetables
Edit Term Dates. Create and Edit Subjects
Record attendance and grades One User -Many Options! New Look

Customisable logon – what screens do you open with ? If any

Customisable Desktop

Customisable Dashboard

Can set up entry steps to suggest profiles, groups, relationships when entering

Email validate

Google Maps/Directions

Look up table defaults

Primary category
Display household
Default receipt

Postal Software QAS/Hopewiser etc. integration

Cheque scanner

Barcode Software

Barcode scanners

Electoral codes Overview Supporter Details - Ease of entry Donor Information E Marketing Event Management Web Models Total development
Integration with 3rd Party
Do it yourself
API Two Bank Accounts
thankQ has this capability
Securepay (or other) require 2 bank account Manual
Help Files
Online Bookings - and integration with contact record Does not require 3rd party (e.g. Crystal, Access, SQL)
Output to Excel, Word, Access (also active Excel)
Can save Reports and Templates (Yellow box and Power)
Can create reports via Access, SQL, Crystal etc.
Can use reports in Moves Management, RFM, Next Ask? and to create graphs in Dashboard
Can 'segment' your own personal lists for quick access Options for Custom Reports create via Yellow Box / Power Searches
create via thankQ Reporter interface
Use thankQ or 3rd Party Flexible Reporting Integrate into our Finance System ThankQ to MYOB Interface Explained

Sending data from ThankQ to MYOB is achieved by the following steps:

a) ThankQ exports a CSV (comma separated values) file comprising financial data from a ThankQ batching process (e.g. a person clicks a button to produce this file)

b) MYOB imports the above CSV using the journal import option (e.g. a person clicks the journal import option to enable the selection of the file)

Therefore the workflow process is as follows:

1) In ThankQ payments are received for the day’s batches. ThankQ will reference each payment with the Batch Number and a Transaction Number.

2) Each payment in ThankQ is allocated a Source Code (signifying where the money came from), a Destination Code (signifying where the money is allocated) and a corresponding Ledger Code (which correlates directly with those ledger codes in MYOB)

3) When the banking process has been completed in ThankQ (i.e. the Batch is finished for that day), the operator may close and approve the batch and select the option to output a CSV for the MYOB journal import.

4) This file may be either:

a) A summarised transaction report detailing Batch Number, Date of Payment, Ledger Code, Payment Type, Payment Amount, or

b) A detailed transaction report detailing Batch Number, Transaction Number, Date of Payment, Ledger Code, Payment Type and Payment amount

Note: Most organisation elect to use (a). This means the detail of payments is in ThankQ, whilst the bank account reconciliation is done via MYOB.

What remains is for the MYOB accountant to confirm the fields and ledger codes which will work with how MYOB is configured for their organisation. In other words, the MYOB accountant MUST produce a test file which works, from which we can configure ThankQ to ensure that the correct data is being supplied in the CSV file. Finance System needs Import facility Customisation &
Development! Other Interfaces...... Capacity to Segment Supporter Searching as discussed Groups
Electoral codes
Any searchable field - or combinations
Giving history
Events attended
Prospect Tracking lists and assignments
etc etc etc thankQ as Enterprise System Licensing Models
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