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Future tenses

No description

Esteban García

on 23 January 2013

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Transcript of Future tenses

Future tenses First Conditional be going to Present Continuous with future meaning Uses intentions or plans
e.g. : I'm going to paint the house.
express what is going to happen because there are evidences
e.g. : She is going to have a baby. Uses
future facts
e.g. : Messi will score a goal.
e.g. :I think it will rain tomorrow.
spontaneous decisions
e.g. :It's cold. I'll take a coat. Will Form Structure Form plans in the near future I[...]They +will + verb in infinitive + - I[...]they + won't + verb in infinitive ? Will + subject + verb in inf. ...? We use first conditional to talk about things that will possibly happen in the future. IF it rains, I will stay at home. I will stay at home IF it rains. condition (Present Simple) result (will) condition (Present Simple) result (will) be (in present) + going to + infinitive +/- I+ + am
you/ we/ they + are + (not) + going to + infinitive
he/ she/ it + is

? am
are + subjects + going to + infinitive ... ?
is Pres. Cont. vs be going to Time Expressions later soon tomorrow tonight next week / month / year same form as with present meaning Present Continuous is not only an intention (as it happens in be going to), it's going to happen for sure.
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