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Video Partnership Opportunity

Video Marketing and Revenue Sharing Partnership with SermonCentral

Chris Evans

on 29 August 2013

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Transcript of Video Partnership Opportunity

June '13 Traffic
Marketing and Revenue Sharing Partnership
We want to ensure Pastors have the best resources available to spread the Gospel, this includes offering quality videos that can be used as illustrations from top Kingdom focused producers.
SermonCentral equips those called to preach to prepare memorable sermons and deliver engaging church services.

Site Stats &
PRO Members
$99 - $119 for annual memberships
$179 - $192 for two year memberships
Fee increase upon sizable growth of videos included with membership
Unlimited, download access of all media
Videos, PP templates, eBooks, etc.
Advance time-saving features
Exclusive top text illustrations
17,500+ PRO members
Strong month-over-month growth
2014 goals, surpass 20k by end of year

Your Benefits
Sermons: 143,000+
Text illustrations: 46,000+
Better Preaching articles: 700+
Video illustrations: 90+
Countdown videos: 50+
Worship music videos: 50+
PowerPoint templates: 730+
Plus images, backgrounds and eBooks
Speaking pastors at small to mid-size churches
Bi-vocational pastors at small churches
Pastors contributing from churches of all sizes

Available Through
Our Audience
Jan 1, 2013 – June 30, 2013
94+ Million page views
14.9 Million visits
Current Stats
Alexa Rank (7/18/13):
#1 Pastor Resource Site
#14 Top Christian Site
#25 Top Religious Site

Our Reach
Video Downloads
March 13, 2013 – June 20, 2013
32,500+ Video Illustrations
Avg: 325/day
Projected: 120,000+ this year
Increase Your Reach
"Produced by" Credits on Web Pages
Featured Video of the Week
We Handle Everything
Your videos are our focus
We aggressively promote your videos
We link users to your videos from all our resources
We manage video previews, including all streaming services
We fulfill digital download delivery of media files
We process all payments
We respond and resolve all customer service issues
Thank You
Thank you for taking the time to watch this presentation, and consider this mutually beneficial opportunity to glorify the Kingdom.
Stephen Herman
SermonCentral Product Manager
(o) 719.955.9672

Partnership Expectations
Time Frame:
2 to 3 year partnership agreement
Video Quantity:
Minimum number of videos required to participate in program
Videos required for minimum amount of months
License specifically allowing:
Previewing and downloading on SermonCentral
All visitors of SermonCentral will be able to preview videos
Download of videos will be limited to PRO members, paid and trial
World-wide rights
Use of all meta data provided

Video file to specifications TBD
Running time
Themes/Topics (basis/inspiration for video, or anticipated preaching focus when using videos
Scripture (referenced in video or basis/inspiration for video)

Video Illustration Details Page
Video Illustration Search Results Page
© 2013 Outreach, Inc.
Contact Us:
Todd Vaters
Sermon Central Producer Relations
(o) 719.955.9606

What's Next
Deliver Videos
Start Offering Videos on SermonCentral
Announce Partnership
PRO Insider eBlasts
Better Preaching Update
OMG eMail Lists
Press Release distributed through PR Website
Cash Checks

• Royalties
• Increase your reach
• We handle marketing, sales,
& customer service

1. PRO Member Download

Individual sales to those without a PRO membership
You set the purchase price for all videos
You receive 70% of the sales price
Non-exclusive agreement
Payments sent monthly

2. Visitor Purchase Split
The more your videos are downloaded, the more you earn
Most generous split benefiting producers in the industry
• Produced by credits on web pages, including:
Video illustration details page
Video illustrations search results page
• Featured Video of the Week
Better Preaching Update featured video spot, including production credit
Video illustration introductory page, including production credits
All media introductory page, including production credits
Video link within topic of the week text ad that appears on home page
Inclusion in featured preaching bundle of the week
• Special holiday video of the week
All “Featured Video of the Week” opportunities
Special holiday themed landing page video link
Run-of-Site primary navigation spotlight link

Marketing, Sales & Customer Service
For a detailed list of locations, please visit: https://sites.google.com/site/sermoncentralproducerinfo/
("CCLI" Type Share + Sales Split)
On average, 110,000+ visitors prepare their sermon on SermonCentral.com every Saturday
We do everything for you in order that you have the freedom to do what you want... make movies!
Example Revenue Model
Membership Revenue: $150,695.18
Video Producer Split: 20%
Allocated: $30,139.04
Total Downloads: 7,799
Income per Download: $3.86
New revenue from previously unreached churches
Month of June:
Royalties Earned Two Ways
Per Producer (3):
Avg. Monthly Downloads: 2599
Avg. Monthly Income:
Avg. Yearly Income: $120,385.68
Early Adopter Bonus Opportunities - the sooner you adopt, the larger the piece of the pie

Easter (3/31)
93 videos
Father's Day (6/15)
66 videos
Mother's Day (5/12)
63 videos
Memorial Day (5/27)
91 videos
Normal Week (6/8)
77 videos
The Week Prior to…

20% of PRO revenue allocated for video royalty payments
Royalty earned on every unique usage download
Payments sent monthly
Full transcript