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what is cyber bullying,

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Jessica Manoranjan

on 17 January 2014

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Transcript of what is cyber bullying,

Cyber bullying is bullying used through internet by social networks and other devices. this can be easily be caused by a rumors, a pictures, and text messages that can spread instantly.
I think that the strategy of talking to a trusted adult is the best and first thing to do when dealing with a bully. i chose this strategy because its the most effective way to get help and deal with a bully, when u talk to a adult about it.

without sharing your password with anyone will help keep your password and private information secure, from anyone hacking into it. which will preven cyber bullying.
question #3
three things you never give out to someone on the internet are, passwords,addresses and also names of your family members. its important not to share this piece of information with people you do not know on the internet, because you dont know who they and what danger they can cause.with knowing your information they can also change it.
quesion #4
i think that rule number 3 is the most important one, because it is extremley dangerous when you are meeing up with a ssranger, so it is important that you meet up in a public area.
question #5
a social nework are many websited hat allow peple o interact with others. for example, intagram, facebook, twitter are all examples of socal networks. one postivie influence from social neworks is that you get to stay connected with friends and family.
question #6
what is cyber bullying,what problems can cyber bullying cause?
quesion #2
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