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Developing Emotional Intelligence

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PG 120

on 18 May 2015

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Transcript of Developing Emotional Intelligence

Developing Emotional Intelligence
American Medical Association defines stress as any interference that disturbs a persons mental or physical well-being.
Most of us know stress as the "wear & tear" that our minds and bodies experience as well with the challenges of life.
Stress response literally meant the difference between life & death.
stress reduction
They often make unwise choices for example drinking, fighting, and using drugs.
People with a victim mindset have likely to have stress than the people with a critic mindset.
The victim mindset seek to escape the discomfort as fast as possible damaging their self behavior. for example blame, complain,and making excuses.
Create a positive mindset
:Visualize and analyze the problem.
Trust the positive outcome
: Expect good things can happen,having positive thoughts decreases self-doubt.
Take a mental vacation
: Enjoy the peace and rejuvenation of daydreaming.

Stress Reduction
Skill level high and challenge level LOW=boredom
Skill level LOW and challenge level HIGH=anxiety
Skill level EQUAL TO or SLIGHTLY below challenge level =FLOW
Flow generates the ultimate thrill in intrinsic motivation
Stress is bad news for our health, damaging almost every bodily system.

Cold viruses and found that people with high stress in their lives were twice as likely to develop colds.
A creator mindset find a better way to reduce stress.
They manage emotions intelligently, by making wise choices,which releases stress levels.
Creators take positive actions to avoid being hijacked by emotions.
Nurture yourself Emotionally
You may be feeling ..........
Feeling overwhelmed warns us that we've lost control of our lives. Creators take action and create positive strategies.
Helplessness instead of confidence
Timidly instead of assertiveness
Self-contempt instead of self-respect
Self-loathing instead of self-LOVE
To overcome overwhelmed behaviors
An emotional antidote for toxic self-judgment is
Separate from external stress:
Instead of complaining the about the problem find a solution.
list and prioritize what you need to do:
Use an action list.
Discover time savers:
Make better use of your time
Eliminate time wasters:
Identify and eliminate unimportant activities.
Keep your finances organized:
Minimize unneeded spending, manage your financial responsibilities such as bills, monthly payments,ect.
Ways to nature self emotionally.....

feel your feeling
share your feeling with a friend
write about your feelings
spend time with love ones
do something special for yourself
Creators become conscious of oncoming anger through changes such as a hint of blush and increase pulse rates. Creators
Pause wisely rather than doing irrational actions.
Behaviors to overcome Anger
:Stay solo, gain ability to think clearly.
:Staying physically active can reduce anger.
:Think what angered you.
:Write and express your emotions in pen and paper.
Channel your anger into positive actions
:The wise choice process can help you decide on positive actions you might consider to take.

New thoughts for
:Look at the problem in a different perspective.
Distract yourself
:Stop the angry thoughts, shift attention to something pleasant.
:Let it go,forgiveness is primarily to improve your life.
Identify the hurt
:Consider expressing the hurt in writing.

It delivers a message that we may be in danger. Creators can pause wisely and choose what to do next rather than thinking impulsively and worrying constantly about a person or situation.
New behaviors to overcome
Prepare thoroughly
: Confidence gained through extensive.
: Slowing down help you reclaim emotions.
Breath deeply
:Anxiety and fear constrict, keep oxygen flowing to reverse physiological impact.
Request accommodations
: Make special arrangements.
Nurture yourself mentally
Everything starts in how you talk to yourself..
especially when you're of course,will greatly influence you're seance of self love
chose self loving thoughts
self talk focused on facts
success in life
learn from experience!
- rather than self criticism
- not judgments
Forgive yourself for judging your shortcomings,and move on!
Ways to nurture yourself mentally..
say your affirmation
Read uplifting books
Ask motivating questions ad seek answers
visualize your success
teach someone something you know how to do
Ones who show great enthusiasm for the value of their subject
Set challenging but reasonable learning objectives for their students.
Offer engaging learning experiences that appeal to diverse learning preferences.
Provide a combination of academic and emotional support that gives their students high expectations of success.
Imagine taking courses with instructors who knowledgeable, enthusiastic, challenging engaging humble, and supportive
in College
It is a natural response to loss. Sadness can also lead to depression and self-doubt. This emotion is common for college students. It often leads to academic and social pressure.

New behaviors to overcome

Do something toward your goals
:Have something to look forward to do.
:Relieve your anxiety.
Listen to uplifting music
:Lighten the mood.
:Express positive energy.
Breath deeply
:Express the stress.
Help others in need
:Assisting people less fortunate is a positive feeling.
:Writing about your feelings can help you come to terms more quickly and effectively.
: Isolation usually intensify gloominess socializing helps to re-engage with people.
Channel new thoughts
Dispute negative beliefs
:Challenge the beliefs with positive actions.
Distract yourself
:Replace gloomy thoughts with pleasant ones, be involve in engaging activities.
Focus on the positive
:Identify your blessings and successes.
Find the opportunity in the problem
:Learn the lesson life has brought you and move on.
Remind Yourself
:This emotional upset will be only a memory.
Identify others who suffered
:Realize by this comparison how fortunate you are.

Choose your attitude
You can claim the power to choose your outcomes and inner experiences.We can find the strength to overcome the stresses of our ordinary lives. With positive behavior good things can happen.
Lets begin!
Its worth a sacrifice to get a course with an outstanding instructor who creates flow in the classroom.
You should recommend instructors who demonstrates a deep knowledge of their subject.
What you should do?
Understanding Emotional Intelligence
Develop Self Love
* How much do you love yourself ?
* What can you do to love yourself even more ?
Self love is the core believe
We may believe that self love depend upon our outer accomplishments and what others think of them.
If we believe that accomplishment creates self love were accurate,then why do so many people who appear successful on the outside appear so empty on the inside ?

Worldly success will not fill all the empty places in our souls. But love for ourselves will.

Knowing your feelings in the moment.
Emotional awareness helps you effectively with feeling overwhelmed instead of using television (or some other distraction) as a temporary escape.

Managing strong feelings.
Emotional self-management enables people to make wise choices despite the pull of powerful emotions. It helps you resist droping an important class simply because you got angry at the teacher.
Understanding Emotional Intelligence
Empathizing accurately with other people's emotions. Empathy is the fundamental "people skill"
Social awareness helps reveal and offer comfort when someone is consumed by anxiety or sadness.

How we handle distressing experiences is critical to the outcomes and experiences of our lives.Emotional Intelligence is still being defined, however, Daniel Goleman author of a book
Emotional Intelligence
, identifies four components that contribute to emotional effectiveness. The first two qualities are personal the second are social. The difference between the first qualities and second is the effectively managing ones own emotions and the emotions of others.
Handling emotions in relationships with skill and harmony.
Relationship management helps a person resist saying something that might publicly embarrass someone else.
Understanding Emotional Intelligence

The foundation of emotional intelligence is a keen awareness of our own emotions as they rise and fall. None of the other abilities can exist without this one.
Build a Vocabulary of Feelings
- learn the names of emotions you might experience
Be mindful of Emotions as They Are Happening
- learn to identify and express emotions in the moment.
Understand What is Causing Your Emotion
- look behind the emotion. See when anger is caused by hurt feelings.
Recognize Feeling and Resulting Action
Never make an important decision while experiencing strong emotions
What happens when

Rontez Alvarado
Patricia Castro
Melissa Leon
Evelyn Lopez
Elizabeth Gomez
On Course Textbook

"I create my own happiness and peace of mind."
"Creating worldly success is meaningless if I am unhappy. That means I must accept responsibility for creating the quality of not only my outcomes but also my inner experiences."
Nurture yourself Physically
People who love themselves make wise choices, lets nurture our bodies to have a long healthy life.
Regular exercise strengthens the immune system and produces hormones that give us a natural seance of well being.
Find help on how to stop these self destructive habits.
Get enough rest
Medical checkups
Hug someone near to you
laugh until your stomach hearts
Go dancing
Do nothing for an hour
Stretch like a cat
Breath deeply
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