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YLS Presentation - SERC Conference

2010 SERC Conference Presentation - YLS

Whitney Sousa

on 17 June 2010

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Transcript of YLS Presentation - SERC Conference

Committee members from top local companies.
Strategic Direction: Position YLS as a badge of professional success.
Established to provide a broader group of donors the opportunity to participate.

Those currently not giving $1,000 to United Way may enter YLS by giving $250 their first year of membership with a commitment to step-up to $1,000 by their fourth year of membership.

YLS members who participate in the step-up program will be recognized as leadership givers from year one.
Total dollars given from all YLS members are:

Campaign 2006 $215,571
Campaign 2007 $301,076
Campaign 2008 $401,358
Campaign 2009 $448,486

TOTAL $1,366,491 Other Benefits:
37% of UWM Board members are under 45
Most UWM Councils have 30% under 45
Sponsorships - Desirable Demographic
Community recognition of YLS from recent
survey is 10% - for new and fairly
narrow organization
Key Components: as well as purely Key Components: Key Components: Leadership Group Professional
Development. Volunteer Opportunities social events. Executive Committee Chair/Co-Chairs Subcommittee Chairs Target Audience "Accomplished" professionals aged 35-45
have achieved seniority and success in their workplace
feel that it is time to give back to the community
"Up and Comers" aged 28-35
concerned with career paths and
looking to the "Accomplished" as role models Steering Committee General Membership Subcommittee Members Key Component - Communications: Utilize Social Networking and New Media Results: $1,000 $250 YLS Step-Up Program: Variety of programs with an emphasis on
Joey Wallace jwallace@uway.org
@ylsmidlands on Twitter
YLS Midlands Group on Facebook For more information on YLS: Currently more than 380 members
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