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Ben Carson

No description

Adam Metts

on 2 December 2013

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Transcript of Ben Carson

Ben Carson's Challenges
Ben grew up at a time when blacks and whites where segregated and Ben was often discriminated against by white kids one kid called him stupid then Ben punched him with a lock in his hand. Some people even threw things at him but he overcame all of that.
Ben Carson First Operation
There was a girl in need but nobody was there so Ben Carson did his first surgery by himself it was a risky operation but he got it done then his carrier took off .The girl had 100s of seizure a day and Ben took a part of her brain out but it was successful.
Ben Carson Siamese Twins
Ben Carson did the most daring operation ever preforming on Siamese twins joined at the head nobody had saved both children before until Carson it took 22 hours but Ben did it
Ben Carson Today
Now Ben Carson is 62 he and his wife Candy and his 3 kids Rhoeyce Carson, B.J. 'Ben Jr.' Carson, Murray Carson and he still works at Johns Hopkins and still has his lovely mom Sonya
Ben Carson By: Adam Metts
Ben Carson At Yale
Ben Carson Johns Hopkins
When Ben graduated he wanted to get into Johns Hopkins medical school out of around 100 of people they only took 2 internships Ben had a great conversation with the director and then he got the job
Ben Carson Childhood
Ben was born September 18 1951 in Detroit, MI son of Sonya and Robert Carson Ben also had a older brother named Curtis
Sonya Carson
As Ben got older in school he got a lot of good grades and began to be one of the best kids at his school and a lot of collages wanted him
Ben Carson Teenager
Sonya Carson married Robert Carson at age 13 they had 2 kids Curtis and Ben but then Sonya found out terrible news that Robert had another family when he finally left her sometimes Sonya would have to check herself into a mental hospital but Sonya would not tell the boys about this for their sake
When Ben became one of the smartest kids at school a lot of collages wanted him to go there. but Ben chose Yale and that was where Ben became a genius
Simmons, Alex. Ben Carson. Austin, TX: Raintree Steck-Vaughn, 1996. Print
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