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3D Modeling


Hanuuuuuf Jamaaal (:

on 11 November 2012

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Transcript of 3D Modeling

Details About 3D Max and How to be successful in designing your own animation. How do you achieve a successful 3D Model? To achieve a successful 3D model , you need to activate and start using 3D max. What is 3D Max? 3D max is a 3 dimensional computer graphics software. It allows you to create animations, images, and modeling. It provides several tools that
allow you to bring your animation to life. The types of images you can illustrate would be 2D & 3D images. What can 3D Max be useful for? 3D Max can be used to illustrate several buildings, homes, schools, stores, etc. 3D max allows architects to draw their blueprints on the computer, instead of drawing it by hand. 3D Max DESIGN PROCESS Design Process is steps you follow to achieve a certain goal. By following and understanding more and more knowledge provided to you and inputting it into the real world. Steps are given to solve a problem. For example, If you are drawing a lightning bolt and you drawn the line a bit too long, steps are given to help you undo your mistake without worrying. Input First Step Second Step Process Third Step Output Fourth Step Evaluate Input What is the main problem I need to solve during this rotation? We need to complete the following activities. We need to be able to draw several illustrations on 3D max, while following instructions. What resources are we provided with? We are provided with a whole set of a binder that includes
everything for us to analyze and understand the process of 3D modeling. For more understanding, we are provided with examples of fellow students '' who has completed 3D modeling'' ,and we are to see their work and what they have completed. The 3D Modeling Binder Includes:
Clear Stated Information, Steps
Visual Images of what the tool buttons look like
Tips Materials Computer
Binder ( Including; Steps, Information, Images)
3D Max Software Process Defining Our Goal To complete the 15 activities given in this rotation, and understanding the concepts and the entire software within ten days. We are to complete a Prezi, Test, as well. Analyze & Understanding We investigated and analyzed through the documents in the binder that was created for 3D Modeling. We analyzed the visual images provided in the binder of what and how our animations should turn out to look like. We also analyzed the several different videos and examples of fellow students, to expand our knowledge about 3D modeling. Select The Best Solution The best solution to creating successful 2D or 3D Images on 3D Max would be carefully reading and understanding the documents provided. We need to slowly understand and get used to the way the software functions, so that our animations will come out successfully. If we don't follow the procedures, we would not be creating precise images. Plan & Design Once we have gotten familiar of the basic concepts of 3D Max, we have planned the procedures and steps in a list , and we were ready to start using the 3D max software. Construct After Planning and selecting the best solution , we will start the software program and read our first activity. As we read and follow through the procedures we will search and find the tools they say we need to use to construct our 2D/3D Images. We continue this process until we get through all 15 activities. As unfamiliar/New words pop up in
our binder, which is often, there is a glossary at the back of the binder provided with definitions of the words. As we finish each activity, we finish one illustration, so we have to save it in the end. Designing At the end of each activity, you are to complete
a daily response. This is basically multiple choice questions on what you learned in that activity. Output My output is:

15 completed Daily Responses
Several 2D/3D Images
Prezi Presentation
Thinking Responses
Reflection BBT's The broad-based technology, that the skills I learned in this rotation , would fall under computer technology. With all the skills and information i learned her in this rotation , it would be perfect for computer technology. I think this because if you were assigned to draw a 3D image and you were given a short time period to do it, and you weren't familiar with the software, that wouldn't come out in a good situation. Software's similar to 3D max is used all the time in this broad based technology, so if you developed lots of skills, like i have, in this rotation , computer technology is suited perfectly. Careers Three careers that would be perfectly suited for this rotation would be 3D video gaming, TV commercials, and architects/engineers. 3D gaming because the game would need to look 3D to bring people’s attention and make the game feel/look more realistic. So it is important for people to have these skills so that they know how to make things turn into 3D. T.v commercials because they need to make their advertisements pop out and grab peoples attention to what they are selling. Without that they wouldn't be getting any customers for their products. Architects and engineers have to know how to draw 3D illustrations on softwares, because they're the ones who build stores, buildings. And houses. They are all 3D , so without these skills in 3D modeling there would not be any 3D objects in real life. Work Habits The work habits that are applicable to operating 3D max would be Working independently, organization, teamwork, intuitive, and reliability. It’s really important to stay on task and create precise animations. Also, If you're not organized and you do not save your animations, or you don't create a neat file for it and lose the file, then you will lack in completing your tasks in a short period of time. Fundamental Concept One of the fundamental concepts would be fabrication. I think this because Fabrication is a process that we can follow to yield a result. As we design the object we need to follow a certain process, for it to become precise. Essential Skills The essential skills I needed to complete this rotation would be Reading, Document use, computer use and thinking. These were very important to complete my tasks, without using these skills I would have a lack of completion skills. Reading- The documents inside the binder, It explains what to do , so if I didn't have this skill i wouldn't have completed this rotation. Evaluate After all that hard work , completing 15 activities, we learned a lot. Like the basic/complicated features, the functions of the different tools, how to make objects look more realistic etc. Overall, This was an exciting & fun rotation, I am looking forward to my next rotation module. What didn't go well was when we couldn't find a specific tool the book told us to use and we had to skip that part, but overall, it wasn't that bad. I have completed 3D Modeling! Hanuf Jamal Prezi Published By: The three most important commands or “tools” that I used in 3D Max are Extrude, Render and Parameters. The tool extrude is meant to take a flat image and pull it up into a 3D image. Extruding makes your image look more realistic. I used the tool '' extrude '' when I was drawing my Stop Sign. I first started off with my 2D image , Hexagon, then i was directed to click the tool '' extrude ''. The extrude tool turned my 2D hexagon into a 3D hexagon. The tool render is to make your 3D object look more visually realistic. Like to give color, text, and value to your object. I used render in almost all my drawings, because I needed them all to be as realistic as it could be. Some of those drawings was my pencil, text box with my name, and a lightning bolt. The tool parameters allows you to change the visual image of your animation. For example; the length, width, depth of your image. Overall, I used parameters in all my drawings. Parameters is really important because if you were to draw a pencil and the sizes wasn't correct, the pencil would not look as realistic, if it were to be used precisely by the parameters. This rotation helped me with my personal career goal because I learned how to create 3D models. I also have more depth of understanding of 3D max and all the tools provided to create any animation i would like. One work habit I have developed in more strength was organization. I created new files to save my work and never lost any of my documents. I planned out when I should be done all my assignments in this rotation, and I was successful. One essential skill I have improved on during this rotation was reading. As I was permitted to read through carefully the procedures provided in the binder, I have developed a better strength of reading and understanding. What is 3D Modeling? 3D modeling is the process of developing a representation of any three-dimensional surface of an object (either inanimate or living). The product is called a 3D model. It can be displayed as a two-dimensional image as well.The model is created by a specialized software ; 3D Max. A basic perspective of how 3D max works and how it looks as well Modeling
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