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meaning team a

all together

Lauren Vaughn

on 20 April 2010

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Transcript of meaning team a

Meaning Team A Why am I
Here? What Is My
Purpose? I'm Sure every person in this
room has questioned their life's
meaning at one point or another. This epiphany is human nature and is no revolutionary concept. The fact is that humans of today are asking themselves
these questions more than in any other time
in human history. Another fact is that humans today now have
more time than ever to devote to searching for
their life's meaning. There isn't just one way to find your life's true meaning and there are no two people in this big world that can answer their ultimate questions with the same answer. This "Fourth Great Awakening" has
people valuing what's real in this life over material items. This "Fourth Great Awening" has
surgeons taking classes in faith. This event is changing our expectations and our perception of this world. At A Crossroads:
Picturing Where
We'll Be in Seventy-
Five Years We are currently at a major crossroads.
Our generation has a ton of choices
and responsibilities. Picturing what this
world will be like in the future is very hard
because we don't know what major decisions
will be made with our economy, environment, and education. I gave our generation the benefit of the doubt. I plan on getting the economy back on track by
2018, making education its most efficient by 2025,
and switching to alternative energies with technolgy
created by 2032. Inventions from 1935 include the ballpoint pen,
airplane radar, and the helicopter. Now you see how far we've come in the last seventy five years!
Just imagine where we'll be in the next seventy-five years! I even tried to imagine a world
where we've mapped every human gene.
Anything can be altered- birth and health defects are virtually eliminated. There is no longer a democrat or republican, have
or have not. We are all still different, but seem
to come together as one. The LHC discovered that the
Higgs Boson Particle does exist.
This changes the way we understand
our universe- in a good way. The cure for cancer comes along in 2045.
While the technology to synch a human brain with a computer is created in the 2060's. Walk the Labyrinth.
Transcend Your World. What is a Labyrinth?
A labyrinth is a spiritual tool. A
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