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Popular culture

No description

Renee Robinson

on 8 December 2013

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Transcript of Popular culture

Time Details
Popular culture
Folk and Popular Culture
Renee Robinson
1950's and 1960's- I Love Lucy
Both clips shown in slide for entire video
All of the video
1970's- Brady Bunch
Happy Days
King of Queens
I Love Lucy
All of the video- sorry for the shaking
I Love Lucy
Brady Bunch
The King of Queens
The video goes up to 4:27.
1980's &1990's - King of Queens
21st century- Glee
I love Lucy was a show in the 1950's, the Drake and Josh clip is only used to emphasize how some popular culture scenes can stay the same and influence later generations
This is one of the famous I Love Lucy chocolate factory scenes. This is the
clip for this category (1950's or 1960's).
Only shown here to illustrate the similarities between the two clips. Drake and Josh episode "I Love Sushi" premiered Nov. 26, 2006. Also, the sushi factory in which they worked was called the "Vance & Ball Fish Factory which pays homage to the two actresses from I Love Lucy, Lucille Ball and Vivian Vance.
How do television shows reflect the way of life for American families?

In I Love Lucy, the women are starting to branch out more and play in more roles. In this scene, they switch jobs with their husbands at a chocolate factory. As you can see, in the 1950's women dressed more conservatively and had a much more demure sense of humor. Of course, this scene is pictured in black and white.

How do television shows reflect the way of life for American families?
In the Brady Bunch, it embodies a whole family that is close together. For example, a family that sticks together and overcomes obstacles and knows how to have fun and spend time with each other. This can represent unity especially when you have a blended family like the Brady Bunch. Some of their customs, still remain the same as today like the popcorn and Thanksgiving dinner in the video.
How do television shows reflect the way of life for American families?
Heading into the era of the 1990's, there were many different controversial shows. However, the King of Queens represents how an average family does not necessarily include kids.In that time, our society was fast food geared and more preoccupied with food (reference to the words "fudge cake"). It displays the lackadaisical attitude that most families can possess. Also, in the 1990's there were more inappropriate jokes.
How do television shows reflect the way of life for American families?
In the 21st century, our society deals with many more stereotypes and controversial topics (abortion, homosexuality, school shootings, etc). Families in the 21st century can be blended families, step siblings, widows, divorcees, etc. In this episode, it depicts two (soon to be) step brothers in an argument dealing with the controversial topic of homosexuality and the name calling that can ensue. The dress is much more casual and there is mild language. The ratings of TV shows in the 21st century are almost always PG-13 OR TV-14.
Based on your analysis of the shows, how has popular culture changed over time? What has remained the same?
Popular culture has changed over time because it features more profane, controversial topics. However, the similarities are that in popular culture there might be some references to older shows (such as the Drake & Josh clip), as some shows try to capture the similar concept.
What role do you think television plays in the transmission of popular culture? How have TV shows affected pop culture in the United States and elsewhere?
Television plays a major role because this outlet of media can influence everyone (mainly kids and the upcoming generation) who watches TV. Negatively, TV shows affect pop culture by showing immoral acts and portrays life as 'glamorous.' However, on a positive note TV shows can help you overcome personal issues/topics in your life and influence pop culture by depicting a ' Be Yourself' attitude. Around the world, these TV shows are known especially because there are many fans of these shows. Therefore, there are remakes of these types of shows in other countries.
How do television shows reflect the influence of globalization?
Television shows depict the evidence of fast-food chains like in King of Queens. It even shows how factories work (most likely in other cultures) in I Love Lucy in the production of chocolate and sushi for Drake & Josh
Lesson 4.02
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