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Top Ten Worst Medieval Jobs (Copy)

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Maggie Barton

on 22 April 2011

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Transcript of Top Ten Worst Medieval Jobs (Copy)

10 Summoner A Medieval summoner's job was to locate and arrest people who were thought to be criminals. Once he found and captured the criminals, he would bring them into their court hearing. The crimes were usually things that were considered immoral to church. Occasionally, when the summoner arrested the criminal he would also confiscate their land which would be given to the court. This gave the summoner power equal to a sheriff or police officer. My Opinion I put summoner as my tenth worst medieval job because of what it would do to the person's social life. Being a summoner puts you in an extremely uncomfortable position with many of your acquaintances. Imagine having to arrest and bring one of your friends to court! This would also (potentially) make your family very disliked. Because the job is of a pretty high rank in society it is only the tenth worst medieval job. Works Cited 9 Messenger A medieval messenger's job was to deliver receipts, letters, and valuables from the lord. They would travel to carry these messages at all hours of the night and day. Commonly, the news that the messengers would deliver was not good, and this put them in a dangerous position. The messengers were often injured in the receiver's furry, but eventually a law was passed saying that the messengers could not get in trouble because of the content of the messages.This was a very straining job. My Opinion I put this job as the ninth worst job because of how dangerous and unpleasant it was. Having to ride your horse around at all hours of the day and night and then to arrive at your destination and be injured (or even killed) by the recipient of bad news is an unbearable thought to me. This job is extremely undesirable!!! 8 Serf Being a serf was a very demanding job. Serfs were expected to work three days per week on the speceific fields that they were tied to. If the fields were sold, the serfs went with them. The lord would pay the serf with some of the crops from the field and a house. Along with working on the lord's field, serfs were also expected to pay the lord with things like grain, eggs, produce and honey. Being a serf wasn't equal to being free, but it wasn't equal to being a slave either; it was right in the middle. Overall, the job of being a serf was a very hard and damanding one. My Opinion I put serf as the eighth worst medieval job because of all the work they did to not even be fully free people. They worked three long, hard days on the lord's fields and then paid him with produce and other goods just to be able to work on their fields for the rest of the week. Serfs were also sold with the land, so it was not easy to become free. The job of being a serf was, in my opinion, one of the hardest of them all. 7 Street Cleaner Being a street cleaner in the medieval times was much different than being a street cleaner today. Because it was all they had, street cleaners would use shovels to clean up the filth that lay on medieval streets. Most medieval homes had no toilets, so the residents would throw their waste out of windows and into the street. Along with mud, animal manure, and everyday grime that is what the street cleaners would pick up. They would often dress in platform shoes to avoid getting dirty. It was a gross job that the lower classmen would do. My Opinion I put street cleaner as my seventh worst medieval job because of all the putrid things you had to clean out of the streets. I also placed it here because of the fact that you were using a shovel to clean up the streets, not even a nice big machine like they have today. You had to be very good at breathing through your mouth to be a street cleaner. 6 Leech Collector The job of a leech collector is to simply collect leeches, but the way they did this is the interesting part. The collectors would go into the water with the mind set of wanting leeches to attach to them. Sometimes they would come out with their arms, legs, and clothes completely covered in these disgusting creatures. Their main technique for getting the leeches off of themselves was to use salt. Because of the lack of medical knowledge, leech collectors often caught diseases or infections from the leeches. My Opinion That's just disgusting!!!!!!! I can't possibly fathom why anyone would ever want to do this job. Just seeing pictures of leeches have been more than enough to creep me completely out. And not only does this job totally gross me out, but on top of that there are huge health risks involved. The combination of those two things is why I placed Leech Collector as my sixth worst medieval job. 5 Gong Farmer A gong farmer's job is to empty poop from medieval latrines or even just cesspits and bring it outside the city to later be used as fertilizer. One privilege of being a gong farmer is that they were able to keep any valuables they found in the poop. They were only allowed to work at night, from 9 P.M. to 5 A.M and lived in a certain area for unknown reasons. They would often have trouble breathing, faint and drown in the poop, or even die from the fumes they inhaled. My Opinion I put gong farmer as the fifth worst medieval job because of the fact that not only did they have to shovel the poop, but to find "valuables" they would have to search through it! The job also had health risks involved and you had to work in the middle of the night which makes it even worse. 4 Bandit A bandit was someone who was running from the law. They occasionally would follow the lord to battle, but mostly dwelled outside the city. The only time they would come into the city was to loot it. They tried their hardest to stay away though, because anyone in the town was allowed to capture or kill them. My Opinion I put bandit as the fourth worst medieval job for several reasons. The first reason was because the only money they got was from looting towns which was a very risky thing for them to do. Being a bandit was too dangerous; you could get killed or captured by anyone and it wasn't even against the law. As a bandit you could never really lead a normal life because you were always on the run. TOP TEN WORST MEDIEVAL JOBS 3 Beggar A beggar was a poor peasant who begged for money on the streets. Beggars had to get a beggar's license if they were really unable to work. If you were able to work but begged, you were branded with the letter "V" for vagrant, whipped, or hung. Many people resented beggars because they were angry that people who could work weren't. My Opinion I put beggar as the third worst medieval job because of their situation. They were people who were unable to work, so they probably had a mental or physical illness and relied on other people for money. They would make just enough money to live, if that. They lived very hard lives. Another reason is because I would feel like I let myself down because I couldn't take care of myself. 2 1 Torturer A torturer's job was to torture criminals to get information. A few popular forms of medieval torture were Judas Cradle (the criminals sat in a triangular seat and were impaled slowly), being locked in a coffin for hours or even days, and or being bitten by rats. My Opinion I put torturer as the second worst medieval job because they had to injure people (mentally and physically) and then watch them suffer. You would have to be very unique type of person to do this job. Plus seeing someone in that state would be mentally scaring for yourself. Headsman A headsman's job was to decapitate noble criminals. They were usually large, sturdy men because it took a lot of strength to fully chop off someone's head with an axe. They wore black masks or hoods to protect their identities. After they killed someone, they got to keep that person's clothes. Sometimes the headsman would even get a tip from the person they were going to kill beforehand, so that the death would be fast and clean. The headsmen lived very hard lives. My Opinion I put headsman as the number one worst medieval job because I could never live with myself if I killed people day, after day for a job. I am sure the job would be very depressing and you would always have a sense of guilt. I also assume that being a headsman would be very lonely because it would be very difficult to make friends when you couldn't tell anyone what your job was. This is a harsh job that would not work well with me. HI Leeches Shovel Serf Messenger delivering a message Summoner Headsman The Judas Cradle Beggar Bandit Gong Farmer Writen by: Maggie Barton
Presented by: Hannah Karp Credits
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