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Formal writing

No description

Annemiek Wegman

on 23 March 2017

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Transcript of Formal writing

in a formal register
Why formal?
Any communication that is of public importance should be written in a formal way so that the reader knows he is taken seriously.
Using a formal register in writing creates a certain distance which, in our values, is equal to respect.
Using a formal register makes a text more academic and neutral.
What is a formal register?
In English a formal register is formed by:
Words of Latin or Romance origin.
Polite forms in which we do not point fingers at people, which means that we use the passive a lot.
Abstract forms of verbs or nouns
The use of the full form of the verbs, instead of the abbreviated ones.
Correct punctuation, therefore no exclamation marks.
To avoid being personal, the passive is used: "research was done" instead of "I looked into it."
Instead of the informal phrasal verb (verb + preposition) we use a single word verb of Romance origin: "to continue" instead of "to go on".
We take distance, also in the use of verbs and nouns. Verbs are made into "nominalisations", that means that a verb is made into a noun: "making the war more radical" becomes "the radicalisation of the war."
"Punctuation can save lives", say the Americans. True, if you look at the difference....
Try your luck, or rather, try your French...
How can you change informal to formal?
download a thesaurus app on your smartphone.
download a free dictionary on your smartphone
What does a thesaurus do?
It gives synonyms and tells you whether they are formal or not.
Or the antonym or opposite. Also very practical if you are lost for words...
Now try again...
And check your answers
Academic writing
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