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No description

Meagan McBride

on 30 August 2017

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Transcript of Professionalism

What does that even mean?
Don't worry....we are going to cover all of that today.

Here's the plan

Brief intro to the Dispositions form

Obliterate 1st Day Jitters

What the University expects (from here on out) ***don't worry, we survived it and so will you!***

Day #1 (Getting dressed)
Let's Talk About Day #1
BGSU says.....
Professional Dispositions:
Candidates for all professional roles should develop and demonstrate dispositions that are expected for educators, demonstrating ethical behaviors and attitudes of a professional educator, and communicating with students, communities, and colleagues effectively.

These are the disposition forms. You will use them in this class but also from here on out!
You can find them on canvas, you should read them carefully. (your supervising teacher will!)
Day #1
(and well, all of them)
- Arrive on time, and stay for the duration of your commitment.
-Absence Policy
(this is VERY important).
- Be there
15 minutes before your bus leaves.
Now that you are there...
You look great!
You smile!
Give teacher your resume
Introduce yourself
Thank them for having you
ASK how you can be most beneficial
Classroom Conduct

Let's discuss why this might not be acceptable...
Rapport...Dos & Don'ts
Always be respectful of classmates, colleagues, mentors, supervisors, staff and students.
Respect staff and administration’s practices, beliefs, classroom management, instructional styles, etc.
Set aside magazines, materials & “stuff”, telephones, laptop games, “chit-chat” , etc. during field placement.

Consistently demonstrate professional social skills.
CAUTION: the “teacher lounge trap” ~ don’t gossip!

Maintain confidentiality of students and staff.
Avoid using specific names of staff, students except with your Mentor, Marty, Dr. Vrooman and your TAs.
NEVER discuss anything about a student outside of appropriate professional settings.

Let's talk boundaries....

High School
You are a GUEST in your school – please avoid:
Casual blue jeans
Mini and low-rise skirts (wear pants only)
Crop tops, low cut tops, or spaghetti straps (wear professional shirts)
T-Shirts with logos/words
Low-cut pants and “baggy britches”
Overly tight-fitting clothing
Strong scented perfumes, aftershaves, tobacco odor, etc.
Baseball-style caps
Obvious body piercings or tattoos – minimize, remove, or cover.
Gum, food, tongue studs (remove them for the school day!). because of effect on oral speech enunciation.
Cell phone and pager usage during class time

Respect professional boundaries -
Date students, teachers, staff, or supervisors
Develop a “personal friendship” with students
Invite students to meet you off school property
Visit students at their home or have students come to your home

Sexual Harassment
Do not be alone with a student.
If you must:
First notify your mentor teacher
Sit in full view (to the hallway) with an open door
Do not sexually harass any student, staff member, or visitor

Stay Professional...
This is a semester long job interview, and there are career killing behaviors...
You can do this!!!!
(no excuses)
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