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No description

Annie Tran

on 25 November 2014

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Transcript of Christmas

Christmas around the world
Today I will be showing my presentation all about Christmas Around the world the world and how I've written it is for you to find out
Here Something about Black Peter
*Black Peter is St. Nickolas helper.

*Back Peter wears Spanish clothes while helping St. Nickolas.

*They say that when its not Christmas St. Nickolas and
Black Peter spend the whole time recording children's behavior.
Christmas In the Netherlands (Holland)
Dear Jemma
I am in the Netherlands right now to celebrate Christmas. In the Netherlands I've heard that the children call Santa "St. Nicolas" or "Sinterklass" and that St. Nicolas has a helper named Black Peter. They also have a Feast day on December the 5th and I was even invited to join in a family feast. Also on December the 5th I got a present from a friend and like always lots of other children got gifts. Some people say that St. Nickolas travels in a boat from Spain. When it was the beginning of Christmas, farmers would blow horns over wells so it would be loud and it would also chase away evil spirits to announce it was Christmas. Children also put hay and sugar for St. Nickolas's horse to eat. People say that St Nickolas would come talk to the children's parents to see if they were good when they were young. Later on in the day they sit around trees and sing carols and tell stories that part would be my favorite part of Christmas in the Netherlands.
From Annie
Christmas in Germany
Dear Clementine
Right now I am in Germany and it is Christmas. In Germany they celebrate Christmas on December 6th and on that day they call it St. Nickolas Day. Some children in Germany leave letters on their windowsill and I left some letters on my friend's windowsill. I helped children decorate their cards and put sugar to make them sparkle. They say there is an angel that comes around named Christkind. During the night on December 6th families in Germany have a locked room in their house which is like a fantasy room. At midnight last night the people that I was staying with woke their children up and unlocked the fantasy room. The children were surprised to see the fantasy room with a Christmas tree, lots of food, presents and decorations all over the room. When I saw the fantasy room I was so happy to see all their hard work. When we started eating the people said to me to eat well otherwise the demons will haunt me therefore I ate lots of good food including Christstollen (long loaves of bread bursting with nuts, raisins, citron and dried fruit.)
While I celebrated Christmas in Germany I learned something the Christmas tree symbolizes the garden of Eden.
From Annie
Christmas in Mexico
Dear Jimmy
Right now I am in Mexico to celebrate Christmas. I have learned lots of things like the main Christmas celebration is called Las posadas. In Mexico Santa Claus isn't that important to them but the red clothes that Santa wears are represented in a traditional flower. In Mexico the flower is called Poinsettia, and when I got there I saw lots of Poinsettias it was so pretty and red, Oh and also they call Santa Claus "Santo Clos". Sometimes when children are good they get even get gifts on January 6 from the 3 wise men. I even want to tell you guys when they blindfolded me and the reason why they did that was because they wanted me to try and hit a pinata. Sometime at midnight me and the family I was with went a to church to pray to Jesus which was fine by me because I'm a Christian. After we all left the church we headed back to the family's house and the children's mum brought out a Rosca de Reyes which is sweet bread. After that everyone had a slice and then everyone inspected their slice hoping they didn't have a baby Jesus figurine in their slice. The person who got the figurine was one of the children's aunty therefore she will have to be the host for the next party on February 2.
From Annie
Christmas in France
Dear Elizabeth
Right now I am in France and its lovely here and its also Christmas. In France the children here do many fun things like leaving their shoes by the fireplace, children looking for kings while being given hay to feed camels, children receiving gifts on December 6th, going to church and finally having a big meal and all of that is what I did. I learned there another name for Christmas day its "The Twelfth Day" the reason why is because it is the last day of the 12 days of Christmas. Also the Christmas tree isn't quite popular in France which is a shame. I also want to say that I've eaten a yule log which is so delicious (A Yule log looks like a log which is made out of chocolate and there is cream and chocolate in it which is shaped like a spiral).
From Annie
To Elizabeth
Prospect North Primary School
Prospect Rd 23
Christmas in Japan
Dear Chloe
This year I'm in Japan and it's beautiful. While I was walking through the streets I saw that lots of shops and home have been decorated with mistletoe and evergreens. When I met the family I was with I saw their house was decorated, oh and I also heard that people say that there is a Buddhist monk named Hotei-osho that dresses up as Santa Claus. They say that he has eyes at the back of his head while leaving gifts so that children will behave when he's around. I learned that 1% of Japan believe in Christianity which is sad because I'm a Christian. Well anyway even if you were a Christian in Japan you wouldn't spend anytime with your family, you would actually spend all Christmas in the hospital looking after people in the hospital.
From Annie
To Chloe
Prospect North Primary School
Prospect Rd 23

Dear Leyla
This year I'm in Romania and its Christmas Hooray! What I've heard in Romania is that Carols aren't just songs in Romania, Carols are actually really important because carols are songs with invocations. I even went to sing carols with some friends, oh and they also start singing start singing carols on the evening of Winter holidays. I also learned that there is a celebration that is celebrated on December 20th called Ignatius. This is what they do, first they get a dead pig then stick straws into the snout, then place burning straws on the pig, after they nicely wash the pig, then put a cloth on the pig for ten minutes and finally the husband makes a mark on the pig's head saying The Family Gathered around. From Annie

To Leyla
Prospect North Primary School
Prospect Rd 23
Christmas in Vietnam
Dear parents
This year I'm going to Vietnam to see the rest of the family and its also Christmas hooray! Because we're christians we went to church at midnight and after that we had a meal for dinner, we had chicken soup it was yummy. What I learned from grandma was that if you were rich in Vietnam instead of chicken soup you would have turkey and Christmas Pudding. Most of Vietnam people are Buddhist but I would prefer Christianity. Oh I almost forgot that Santa comes every Christmas Eve.
From Annie
To my parents
Prospect Road 453

Christmas in Romania
To Jemma
Prospect North Primary School
Prospect Rd 23
To Clementine
Prospect North Primary School
Prospect Rd
To Jimmy
Prospect North Primary School
Prospect Rd 23
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