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Email: Open it carefully; send it thoughtfully

No description

Rachel Z

on 27 November 2013

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Transcript of Email: Open it carefully; send it thoughtfully

Email: Open it carefully; send it thoughtfully
Basic Information
There are two main problems with email.
1) Spamming
2) Phishing
Why Is this knowledge important?
It is important to know about the dangers of emails and how to guard against it.

What is the impact

spamming brings viruses
computer breaks
computer is unusable
lost files
you could get in trouble for cyberbullying by spamming others
Your credit card etc. could get empty if you respond to a phishing email.
Spamming and phishing are very big problems in email. But do not be discouraged
by these two problems. If you know how to block them you can still use your email.
Spamming is basically a useless and annoying email- unless you count spreading viruses as useful.
How to keep yourself safe from spams
Use a spam filter or a spam blocker. To activate a spam filter, click on "settings" then click on "filters"
NEVER reply or click on the links on a spam email
If you recognize a spam, delete it immediately
There is also the option to report the spammer
Phishing is an email that seems to come from a reliable resource but asks for personal information in hopes of emptying your credit cards etc.
How to recognize a phish
legitimate sources will not ask personal information
Check for numbers that don't match up.
Mistakes in grammar
The words urgent, secret and act now in phishing. Especially with exclamation points.
AARGH!!! My Files are lost!!!
Don't spam back- you want to show that you are a polite and nice person. Besides, you could get in trouble for spamming if you get caught.
additional information
14.5 billion spam messages are sent every day
phishing is one of the fastest growing crimes on the internet

(manners online)
you are responsible for sending or forwarding the right emails
always spell-check and proofread messages
Don't capitalize everything- it means your shouting at the other person
no insulting people personally
use the right language

without spams and phishing
with spams and phishing
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