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Amphibians of Isle Royal

No description

Han Ramens

on 6 May 2010

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Transcript of Amphibians of Isle Royal

The Amphibians of Isle Royal. What sound does a Mink Frog make?
A deep "cut, cut, cut ,cut" The Mink Frog is the ____ known Amphibian on Isle Royal? Least known
The Mink Frog looks like what other frog? The green frog. Mink Frog Green Frog
What sound does a green frog make? A "twang of a banjo string." Where is the mink frog resticted to? The water and the water's edge What does the chorus frog sounds like? The sound of a thumb running against a plastic comb.
The chorus frog has been recorded in Isle Royal for the last ___ years? 45 years Chorus frogs are often mistaken for ____ frogs?
Larger The eastern American toad is found in ____ in many terresterial habitats? In the summer What type of frog is the Northern Spring Peeper? A tree frog
The Northern Spring Peaper sounds like what? It is a "Peeping" noise. The Blue Spotted salimander is found where during summer? Under litter and logs Where is the Central Newt found? Around beaver ponds Is the mudpuppy a native? True Is the Central Newt native? No
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