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Salesforce Chatter

No description

Daljit Bamford

on 26 June 2013

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Transcript of Salesforce Chatter

Simple Steps to getting started - Profile
Sharing Files (file size up to 2GB!)
In the "What are you working on?" window, add a short update and click on "File".

You can either select a file already in Salesforce or one on your computer, either via uploading it or using drag and drop functionality.

Decide whether you want to publish this file to a group or your followers. If you want to capture the info by topic, add a #.

Click "Share".
Chatter Desktop
Chatter Desktop allows you to see your Chatter feed, update your status and drag and drop files into Chatter without having to be logged into Salesforce.com in your web browser.
To download Chatter Desktop, click on your name in the top right side of the page and select "Setup". From the left hand bar, select "Desktop Integration", then "Chatter desktop". Click on "Download Now", and follow the on-screen instructions.
What is Chatter?
Salesforce Chatter is the leading enterprise "social network" of the business world. It enables real-time collaboration between colleagues
You can stay updated on your accounts, your opportunities and what your colleagues are doing. Chatter enables companies to connect and share information securely and in real time. Goodbye Silos!
What you write on Chatter is totally up to you - but remember, it is public which means anyone in the organisation can choose to follow your posts.
Get to know your colleagues, see how influential they are, and see if they’re online right now. Find and follow peers and experts to expand your network, discover new and useful information, share your expertise, and increase productivity.
Monitor the people, groups, and projects that matter most to you in one spot. With real-time feeds, your teams will work together on fast-moving issues such as sales pursuits, customer projects, and marketing campaigns. All with the aim of reducing email traffic.
#'s & @
Full social media functionality within Chatter. Chatter will
suggest Topics so you don't have to. All users can use the # to associate their post to a topic. Any user can use # to add a topic to a post giving all users a view of highest trending topics. Use the @ to draw a Chatter users attention to a particular post.
Groups help your teams get organized, share information, collaborate on documents, and work more productively to get things done. Set up private groups so you can work privately on sensitive projects with specific colleagues or public groups for information that's relevant to the whole company. Just remember that system admins can see even private group content!
File Sharing
Just access your files right in your browser. Share them securely with colleagues & groups with a simple drag and drop. You can make comments on files, track version control, and subscribe to receive updates the minute anything changes. Upload multiple files simultaneously—up to 2GB—and even preview files before downloading.
On the profile page you can do the following:
Upload a picture:
this picture will be viewable to all users on chatter and will be next to all of the posts you create.
Contact information:
this is populated with the email address registered to your salesforce.com account. Update this with your mobile number also.
About me:
You can enter some information about you that other Chatter users will be able to see, such as job function, projects you are engaged on etc.
See who is following you - this includes all posts and files you may decide to share.
See who you are following on a day to day basis.
This is the list of groups you have joined.
You can see a list of all the files you have shared on Chatter.
Chatter Messenger
See who’s online right now and strike up a live conversation instantly, in context with your business. Secure, private one-to-one or group instant messaging (IM) is beautifully integrated in Chatter to help you get more done, 100% in the cloud.
Following people
To add colleagues in your "Following list follow
these steps:
From the Chatter tab click on the "People" link on the sidebar.
Enter the name of a colleague you wish to follow.
When you find the person you wish to follow, click on the "Follow" button.
This person will now appear in your "Following" section and updates on their activity will appear in your feed
Posting Updates
From the Chatter tab, write a short update in the "What are you working on?" box and press "Share". You can share with followers or to groups.
You can also post on a colleague's wall to ask a question, and as this post is public, others who follow them can jump in and help you out.
Remember you can also mention a colleague in a post by using he @ symbol before typing their name, a list of possible colleagues will appear as you type. The @ mentioned person will be informed of your post immediately.
More on Sharing Files
If you see a file in your Chatter feed, click on the file picture, and supported files open in a preview window. you can review all pages of the document by using the forward and back arrows. Or click on the four arrows on the right hand side to preview in full screen.
Click on the file name hyperlink to see more options. From the file page, you can download the file or share with other colleagues or groups, who may not be following the person who originally posted the file.
Even more on sharing files
If you need to collaborate on the document with the
person who posted it, you can add a new version of the file.

Where relevant, add details of the changes you have made in the "What changed?" box.

Back in the File page, click on Version history to see all interations of the document and "What changed?" notes.

From here you can download an older version if necessary.
You can join groups on subjects or that you need to collaborate on.
From the Chatter tab, click on groups from the left side bar
Simply click on "Join" to follow the group.
Groups can also be private. In this case click on "Ask to Join" and the Group Owner will receive your request to grant access.
In the Group page, you can review posts specific to the group, and collaborate with other members. You can also invite other users to join the group.
Creating new groups
In the Groups page, click on "New Group".
Give the Group a name and a description.
You can make the group Public or Private. private should only be used if the group is intended for a specific rigid group of people.
You give your group a photo and add members.
Manage Email Notifications
Chatter email settings allow you flexibility on what and how often you are notified by email of Chatter feed items.
From the home page click on your name in the top right corner and select "Setup". From the left hand bar, in "Personal Settings" select "My Chatter Settings" and then "Chatter Email Settings".
If you have installed Chatter Desktop, you will automatically receive pop-up notifications. You may wish to change your email settings to only receive daily or weekly digests.
Chatter Mobile
You can also follow your Chatter feed, view files, post updates on the move using Chatter Mobile. This is dependent on the mobile device you use.

iPhone/ iPad - apps are available from the Apple store
Blackberry - app is available from the blackberry app world.
That's your bitesize Chatter training completed.
Feel free to come back and revisit me anytime you need to!
Thanks for your time!
This training was bought to you courtesy of your friendly Salesforce support team!
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