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Rube Goldberg Machine

No description

Karanvir Singh

on 23 January 2014

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Transcript of Rube Goldberg Machine

What did you learn about Newton's laws?
Thanks For Watching
Pictures & Rube Goldberg Machine
In every assignment and project there is always room for improvement. We could have improved our Rube Goldberg machine by doing a lot of things, but the first and most important thing was by having a satisfying ending. Our rube Goldberg machines ending was to pop a balloon. I personally tried popping a balloon with a really heavy textbook from the top of the cans and it did work but at school when we had to test it for real the balloon didn't pop, which means that I should have done a ending which was guaranteed to pop the balloon. In our current rube Goldberg machine we had a textbook at the end which was suppose to pop the balloon because of its force, but that that wasn't reliable because that did not work every time for us. Our group also could have improved on using our time wisely, in class we kept procrastinating and basically waited till the last minute which prevented us from testing the rube Goldberg machine, so we could have used our time for more efficiently.
We learned a lot about Newton's law and the effects of gravity. We learned that a lot of factors can affect the success of our Rube Goldberg machine. Newton's laws of motion state that acceleration is dependent on the mass and force acting upon it. We had difficulties with knocking over certain objects, where we had to elevate the item knocking it down due to the mass being to great. As we did this assignment we learned more and more about the laws of gravity and motion, due to us having to edit our design. After parts of our rube Goldberg machine failed in the testing phase we decided to research more on how we could fix the problems. We commonly found that elevation helps due to it being more unstable at the top.
Description of our Rube Goldberg Machine
Rube Goldberg Machine
What was the goal of our machine?
In our Rube Goldberg it expressed two out of three laws of motion. Newton's law of motion indicates that any object that is in motion tends to stay in motion, objects that are not in motion will stay still, unless something (gravity, object etc) pushes or pulls on it. Newton's second law states that acceleration is dependent on the mass of the object and amount of force acting upon the object. Our Rube Goldberg machine expressed traits of both of these laws. It expresses the first law in multiple spots where objects are still but something pushes it to make it go in motion. Our Rube Goldberg machine expresses Newton's second law in the section where the ball knocks over the Kraft dinner box. It expressed this law where we had to elevate the ball and tilt the Kraft dinner due to the mass being to heavy for the ball to knock over. This decreased the acceleration needed to knock over the box due to it being off balance.

Newton's Laws
Our group worked very well together, we all contributed ideas to each others part and we always kept each other updated on what we were doing, we even had a Facebook group where we kept telling everyone what we were doing. We also worked together by sharing responsibility. This helped us develop our rube Goldberg machine because we all had our own parts that we were responsible for. This helped us work together as a group better because this way everyone feels that they have something to do it, and no one feels that there is one person doing all the work.Our group also worked well together by helping each other construct their part, for example on my part Jarrod & Elias helped me setup the dominoes. Everyone in our group had contributed a lot towards the rube goldberg machine. I had contributed towards the group by doing my own part, by helping design the overall rube goldberg machine, and drawing out the sketch. Elias had contributed to the group by drawing the raw sketch, doing his part, and helping us keep on track. Jarrod had contributed to the group by doing his own part, and motivating the group. In conclusion our group worked very well together, and we all contributed evenly.
Group work & Contributions
A golf ball is placed at the top of a ramp so that it rolls down and hits a Kraft dinner box. The Kraft dinner box has a piece of string attached to it, which pulls a piece of cardboard from in front of another ball on a ramp (and hits some dominoes for show.) Which rolls down more ramps hitting books, the books make a 'domino effect' and fall on top of each other.The books lead a ramp with a popsicle stick gate which gets pulled by a string which is attached to the last book. As the last book falls it cause the popsicle stick to be tugged, which releases a ball that rolls down a ramp which leads to a bigger Kraft dinner box. The ball knocks over the Kraft dinner, which hits dominoes leading up a ramp of books, over a butlers tray hitting a ball off the tray knocking over another Kraft dinner box. The Kraft dinner hits a cup which knocks over a 'lays staxs' container knocking over a row of dominoes. The dominoes then knock over PS3 game containers making a domino effect, the game containers then knock over text book which falls on top of a balloon.
The goal of our Rube Goldberg machine was to pop a balloon. We picked something simple as our goal, if we would re-design the end of our machine we would add something to the book to make it 'fool proof' and make sure it has a 100% success rate.
We could move the book closer to the game boxes so it will be knocked over easier.
We could have glued thumb tacks to the book to pop the balloon.
We could secure the balloon in place so that it doesn't get knocked away instead of being popped.
Elias' Section
Jarrod's Section
Karanvir's Section
Our Rube Goldberg machine in action
This is our Rube Goldberg machines second attempt, as you can see we rushed the setup. In the end some parts where spaced too far a part which caused us to have to assist our machine. Our first attempt was a lot more fluid and only failed at the very end where the book didn't pop the balloon.
Some other small improvements that we could have made were,
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