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Ernest Shackleton

Prezentation on Ernest Shackleton

Colton Akerstrom

on 15 April 2010

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Transcript of Ernest Shackleton

Ernest Shackleton The Beginning of Shackleton
Ernest Shackleton was born at Kilkea House, on February 15, 1874.
The Shackletons came originally from Yorkshire.
Ernest Shackleton spent the remainder of his child hood in London.
When his sea adventures started Ernest's first experience at sea belongs to sailor's folklore.
Shackleton was a novice sailor at the age of 16.

Endurance 300 ton wooden barquentine.
She was 144 feet long
Built of planks of oak and Norwegian fir

sailed from london on August,1,1914 they got trapped in the ice with in eighty-five miles of the nearest continent with no communication In 1896, Shackleton passed for First Mate.
In April 1898, shackleton was certified to the position of Master. At the age of twenty-four he had qualified to command a British ship anywhere on the seven seas. Shackleton went on to spend five years sailing to and from the Far East and America. Shackleton's honor When the endurance sunk one of the crew members called Frank Hurley dived in to the water to retreive the photos that would be proof of their expidition. Greatly respected by his crew Shackleton made the decision to leave the ship when it was trapped and not a soul on the ship went against his decision Untill Shackleton was 11 he was educated at home by his parents. After this he went to prepratory school.
His father wanted him to be a doctor like himself but Shackleton had his own ideas. He wanted to be be an explorer. Day 35 walking on the ice. A storm brewed up in the sky through the afternoon. We had to stop our walk early in the evening because the snow was piercing our face and eyes. The wind is still howling like wolves in the mountains. My feet were so cold when the storm started the wind penetrated through my insulation and went right to my bones. This was a strong storm system and we hope it starts to calm or the crew is going to get hypothermia. Hopefully we all make it through this storm. Journal Entries We killed the dogs today because they became useless and could not be used on the ice any more. Today was warmer than the days before but it was not warm enough to thaw all of our equipment out. We spend our last night on the ice. It will be our first time on land in 75 days, it will be nice. I cannot remember the last time that I was dry and had a nice warm place to sleep. The tents that we have to sleep in are paper thin and do not keep the weather off of my back. It will be awesome when we get to the new land. http://www.antarcticconnection.com/antarctic/shackleton/index.shtml
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