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Nerissa Lumban

on 22 October 2013

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Sweeping the floor at night will bring you bad luck
Always sweep from out to in, not in to out of the house
-When a visitor leaves your home during a meal, turn your plate 360˚
-Never eat the "tutong" or you'll be last in everything

- Putting your left shoe on before your right is a bad omen.
- Eating food with only your left hand will cure a cold.
- It's bad luck to break plates at a wedding.
- If you sneeze in front of a dead body at a funeral you will die.
- Singing while cooking will cause you to be an unmarried maid.
- If you wake up in the opposite position of how you slept, it means a spirit visited you.
- It's good luck to cut a baby's hair before their 1st birthday.
- If you trip on uneven pavement, you must walk around in 3 times to prevent bad luck for the rest of the day.
-If a pregnant woman hops over her husband, her morning sickness will transfer to her husband.
-Plants will wither and trees will bear sour fruits if touched by a pregnant woman
-Garlic should be hung near windows to keep the aswang from attacking.
- Drying clothes, especially underwear, at night causes pregnancy.
-2 family members cannot get married within the same year. Sukob.
- Any girl who sits at the head of the table will become a spinster.
-The bride and the groom visit the shrine of Sta Clara to offer eggs to the patron saint of good weather praying for a rain free wedding day
- It's best to choose a date with an upward stroke.
-Never give or eat pancit at a wake or funeral.
-The center in the pictures of three will die.
-When a person smells a lit candle when there really is no candle lit, one of their relatives will die
-If one cuts their finger nails at night, a member of their family will die.
- A mole on the back of a man will find conflict and misfortune, while on a woman it means a hardship in life and difficulty in birth.
- A mole on the center of the chest means he will always be happy, loyal and brave, and is protective of their name and honor.
- If a spoon falls it means a man will come and visit you.
- Wearing your hat backwards will cause hardship or will not be able to move forward in life.
- Putting wet string on your forehead cure hiccups.
- Girls who spray their perfume only three times will be visited by a white lady.
-A mole on the upper lip means good luck in marriage.
-A person with a mole on their nose is lustful

- If you yawn without covering your mouth, you're letting bad spirits enter into your body.
- Never pay your debts at night.
- Walking against the flow of traffic counteracts the blessings you've received.
- Wearing mismatched socks causes feet swelling and foot/leg cramps.
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