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Corporate Life Insurance

No description

Joel Sopp

on 4 November 2014

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Transcript of Corporate Life Insurance

Commercial Life Insurance Training

Cash remains inside the Corporation, causing tax preferential
access to be limited.

Find a Tax Preferential way to withdraw Corporate Dollars, such as:

Shareholder Loan/Dividend
Owner or Spouse draws an income
Use Permanent Insurance withdraws trapped Corporate Dollars out, tax efficiently
Corporate Life Insurance
What is it and why should I care?
Commercial Clients have
risks & needs they may not
even know about, such as Buy/Sell Agreements,
& Key Person Insurance.
But you and I can help reduce their risk and offer them extra benefits...

Accessing “trapped” Corporate Dollars
without triggering a Tax Implication.

Use Corporate Dollars
(approx: $1,333 pre-tax)
instead of Personal Dollars
(approx: $1,800 pre-tax)
to purchase & over fund the Insurance Policy, which is able to be used as collateral for a Corporate Funded Pension Plan.
Use Corporate Dollars while you’re still able to, with peace of mind family will be taken care of by the Corporation when you pass away.
Life Insurance for Commercial Clients has many applications to
reduce their risk & increase reward.
This is just one option.
Together, we can help our clients reach their goals.
Next Steps???
Call your Commercial Clients who have been in business for 5+ years and book an appointment to have Joel meet with them.
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