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What it takes to be a PhD

alan reid

on 25 April 2010

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Transcript of PhD

How to be a strong doctoral student 1. Document everything
Save resources/documents from courses
Keep a running journal, notebook
Back everything up with external hard drive/cloud computing
Be organized. Have documents easily accessible
2. Begin thinking about a focus as soon as possible
Find a track in ID&T and follow it
Tailor assignments towards your focus area
Begin thinking about the dissertation ASAP
3. Collaborate with colleagues/faculty
Faculty is there to help you!
Use them as a resource
Bounce ideas off of them
Communicate with your advisor on a regular basis
Stay connected with classmates - they will be your future colleagues
5. Publish/build resume
Try to publish in reputable journals, even blogs
Add items to your resume 4. Read, Read, Read
Join the ID&T listserv
Read our publications/journals
Stay current on trends, issues General Observations:
You get out what you put in.
Focus, but don't limit.
Read. Then read some more.
Don't reinvent the wheel.
Be creative. The PhD is not something you complete, it's something you create.

For distance students:
Make sure your internet connection is reliable
Have Master Control on speed dial
(Or should I say, the beginning)
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