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POETRY: Onomatopoeia & Your Poetry Assignment

Sec 1B Term 2 Week 3 Friday

Chong Chia Hwei

on 12 April 2013

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Transcript of POETRY: Onomatopoeia & Your Poetry Assignment

'Galoshes' by Rhoda Bacmeister Introduction to your
Poetry Assignment POETRY: Onomatopoeia & Your Poetry Assignment What are the sounds describing? from a Greek word
'the imitation of a sound' (page 3) Theme: “Personal Experiences” Recap! Life in Victoria School is like listening to the radio. Sometimes you like what you hear and sometimes you don't. Life in VS is a game with ups and downs and strict rules. Similes &
Metaphors Structure Message Imagery What are these images describing? 'Onomatopoeia' Everyone read the poem together! What sound did you hear the most? 2. What sound word in the poem rhymes with 'sploshes'? 4. What does the sound of the word 'slush' make you think of? What does this poem tell us about what Susie is like? Poems convey a _________.

They do this through their _________, imagery, and figurative language such as similes, _________ and onomatopoeia.

All of these tools are called ‘literary devices.’

Using these devices, they ________ a situation, emotions, or even a person, in order that you the reader might understand and ____ the same way too. Summary! message structure metaphors describe feel Which literary device do you like best? Why? Requirements:
1. Write a poem with at least 4 stanzas and at least 4 lines each
2. Write a personal analysis of your poem. Deadline: Term 2 Week 5 (2 weeks time) "Personal Experiences" Silently, with reflective music playing in the background, think back to an interesting period in your life where a memorable event occurred that may have affected or changed; Structuring Your Poem Remember Roger McGough's
'First Day At School'? Divide your story into four
(or more!) stanzas
Summarize what will go into the four sections (you can use points)
Finish Stage 1: Crafting Your Poem (Without Devices) by next Tuesday’s lesson
Come to class with four stanzas arranged into lines
We will work on developing literary devices in your poem together HOMEWORK! CONCLUSION Your beliefs, feelings, or thoughts
Your view of something or someone
Has created an impression on you List or draw some of the main images, sights, sounds related. Try to be as specific as possible down to minute details like sense, feelings, weather, place, colours, etc.
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