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House of Lords

No description

Marina Soriano Porcar

on 14 January 2014

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Transcript of House of Lords

Who has a salary?
Daily allowance
Budget and overall cost
Lord's salary vs Average salary

Members of the House of Lords
Salaries and allowances
Lords Spiritual
Lords Temporal
They sit by virtue of their ecclesiastical offices
They can number no more than

They represent only the Church of England
Roman Catholic clergymen has been
Most numerous group
They can be
with inherited peerages
Today only 92 hereditary peers can sit in the
House of Lords
Largest group of Lord Temporal
Its title exists only for the duration of their
own lifetime
No person may sit in the House of Lords if under the age of

An individual convicted of high treason can not sit in the House of Lords

Only citizens of the United Kingdom, Commonwealth citizens, and citizens of Ireland may sit in the House of Lords

Some bankruptcy-related restrictions apply to members of the Upper House

Women were excluded from the House of Lords until the Life Peerages Act (1958)
Laura Martín Lasaosa, Marta Sequera Cánovas, Marina Soriano Porcar
Scandals and curiosities
Everyone can buy a Lord title on the internet ( www.nobility.co.uk / www.regaltitles.com )
Last year they spent 400 hours examining bills and made 610 changes.
Members convicted of a crime and sent to jail do not lose their peerage or membership
Auction house Bonhams has valued the House of Lords’ furniture collection at over £13.5m.
Calls to make peers retire to cut the size of the House of Lords
Peerages for multi-millionaire donors = pollution of the Parliament
• Peers suspended from Lords
S. XIV. Both of the Houses of Parliament are created

House of Lords' supremacy over the House of commons, due to its influential members

Two important Acts with similar purposes:
Life Peerage Act. 1958
House of Lords Act, 1999. Organized by the Labor Party. The right of inherit the membership is removed
Main functions
Question Time
Aproximately 30 minutes
4 questions maximum
Monday to Thursday
Members can also question in writing

It is done along with the House of Commons
Members examine draft legislation
The debate on the bill takes several stages


Thanks for your attention!
good luck with the exam!!
Daily allowance of £300
Reduced allowance of £150
No allowance
Based on attendance
Budget: £102 millions
Actual cost: £77 millions
Lord Boswell
of Aynho
Lord Sewell
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