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Lerato Cooks Up a Plan

A Green Engineering Story; Solar Oven

Neah Barrett

on 11 September 2012

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Transcript of Lerato Cooks Up a Plan

Lerato Cooks Up a Plan A Green Engineering Story A girl living in Botswana, South Africa Went to a homecoming party for her friend who had been away at University in Gaborone, Botswana, studying green engineering At the party, Lerato's friend tells her of the many uses of Green engineering, or technology that is designed with the least impact on the environment While talking about green choices, Lerato decided that the tree bark they use for fire wood, although a natural resource, was not a green choice because it was not easily renewed To solve this problem, Lerato's friend introduced Lerato to a solar oven Lerato Elements of Engineering:
Ask-What will/won't work and why? Could there be greener choices?
Imagine- Test materials one at a time to choose the best one
Plan- Choose the best insulator and draw a plan. How? Where?
Improve- Take notes to see what works. What can change? Add? Take?
Create- Use your solar oven to complete a task
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