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jamal shouman

on 4 May 2010

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1. Literary works invented by the imagination, such as novels or short stories
2. Law something assumed to be true for the sake of convenience, though probably false SPORTS
1.Physical activity that is governed by a set of rules or customs and often engaged in competitively. top Authers
Bill Littlefield
Eddie Muller
Dave Klein
Troy Soos The History of sports
History of sports
Of course ancient Olympics, medieval aristocrats, cave people, and hordes of peasants kicking a ball from one village to the next is, despite the genealogy, rather far removed from sports as we know them today. The development of modern sports is tied very much to the history of the industrial revolution and the creation of the first public schools, the latter of which sought to incorporate physical activity in the curriculum. The net result of this process was to cleanse (as in reduce violent elements) and codify various games such as soccer or rugby and of course later on, basketball and football, both of which were very much shaped on college campuses in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s, at least in the United States.
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History of Basketball
Basketball is the only popular spectator sport that bears the distinction of being invented by a single person, as opposed to being the adaptation or evolution from or of another sport. Dr. James Naismith is a name inseparable from the history of basketball, a game he conceived as an indoor activity for energetic New England youth to wile away the winter months. January 20, 1892 was the date of the first official basketball game ever played. Naismith went on to coach his invention in Kansas for six years, and thus successfully helped spread the game, with the help of the YMCA, throughout college campuses. In 1946, the National Basketball Association was founded, organizing professional basketball teams for the first time in history.

History of Baseball
The earliest reference to baseball in the United States is from the bylaws of Pittsfield, Massachusetts, 1791, which forbid the game to be played within 80 yards of the town hall (for reasons not too difficult to imagine). It was not until 1845 that the New York Knickerbockers were founded. Although the amateur club was eventually disbanded, it does bear the honor of being the first team to play baseball under modern rules. In 1870 the game began a move toward professionalism, and in 1875 the National League (the same one that exists today) was established. The American League (originally called the Eastern League) was founded in 1893 to compete against the National League, which it did aggressively.

History of Golf
Golf is a sport with a history so rich it defies summation. What most assume to be golf’s antecedent, “chole”, was first recorded in 1354. The game was actually a hockey derivative played in Flanders. Eventually, in 1421, some Scotsmen fighting with the French in Flanders were introduced to the game, and then took it home to Scotland. Over the next two centuries the game spread throughout Great Britain. There are numerous records of kings, queens, and other royalty playing the game, as well as a number of decrees that granted thecommoners the right to play in specific public spaces. In fact, Mary Queen of Scotts is the first female golfer on record.

History of Football
The name “football” is associated with a number of different games, such as soccer, rugby, and American football. There is also Gaelic football, Canadian football, and Australian football. Much of the history of football in the United States has to do with the transition from a kicking game to a running game, and the slow changes and codifications of rules systems and safety guidelines. American football really received its start in the 1820s as an inter-mural sport played by prestigious New England universities. Each university tended to adopt its own rule book, and it was in the course of playing other schools that the rules for American football as we know it were first written. In the early 1900s the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) was established to codify rules and reform safety protocols. In 1920, football was officially made a professional sport with the founding of the National Football League (NFL).
The history of sports is rich in depth and detail. Sports that seem recent are, in many cases, not so different from sports activity from hundreds of years ago, only with more spectacle and glamour. For more information: -2 narrators Conflicts -rob people to get money
-Marcus and Eddie's friendship gets tested
-Marcus is the only one sentenced; racism
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