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Goodwin School Community Garden

No description

Melanie Champion

on 13 April 2016

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Transcript of Goodwin School Community Garden

Goodwin School Community Garden
Our Garden Journey
Getting Started

All Goodwin community members have access to healthy food through our garden, home gardens and through education about gardening
Expand garden
Connect garden to curriculum
Provide hands-on learning experiences for students
Educate students about healthy foods
Educate community members and families about healthy eating

School-wide Planting Day
"Relationships Matter"
Connecting to the Community

EH Garden Club
Deb Dubitsky
Healthy East
EH Hunger
Action Team
United Methodist
Our Garden Grows
Goodwin in the News
Rudd Center for Childhood Obesity/UConn Press Conference
Foodshare Blog
Our Future...
Goodwin Garden Expansion
Fruit Trees, benches, more beds, composting, irrigation system...
Expand gardens to other EH schools
Greenhouse: Goal to send all students home with vegetable seedlings to plant and care for at home (promise pledge)
Harvest Donations
Goodwin School Community Garden
Thank you for your continued support!
April 2014
Build Day and Arbor Day
Glastonbury Home Depot
Local Farmers

April Vacation 2014
Former student Chris
April Vacation 2014
Boy Scout and former student Chris
Filled with soil and compost mix
Arbor Day: April 25, 2014
The garden is planted!
Planting Day May 21, 2014
All students participated
Demonstrating how to plant
Midsummer growth
Herzog Family
Summer Meals Program
Summer Meals Program
Summer Meals Program
Goodwin Farm Stand
School Bus Drivers
Our Goodwin Family
Our Goodwin Family
William helped
his mom make
Our Goodwin Family
Donny Marshall and
Principal Dan Brodeur
Our Goodwin Family
Donny Marshall and Xavier
*Chris helped to
build the beds.
Miss K's class enjoying the sunflower fort
Mrs. Gianni, Dayvion, Grandma
UCONN/Rudd Center Press Conference, 9/12/2014
UCONN/Rudd Center
Press Conference, 9/12/2014
Looking forward...
UCONN/Rudd Center Press Conference, 9/12/2014
UCONN/Rudd Center Press Conference, 9/12/2014
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