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Voting Creative Project

This my project for U.S. Government.

Prince Page

on 3 May 2013

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Transcript of Voting Creative Project

Tennessee and 3 other states imposed strict photo ID laws due to debate of voter fraud. Would I Change Anything with the Voting and it's Process? Did it Help? Any Possible Obstacles, I'd Face While Registering To Vote? Registering to vote? For example, a New York study concluded that 86 convictions resulted from 120 Justice Dept. cases found over a 5yr period. The Product Unfortunately Yes In Tennessee as of last year, there was several voter ID laws that would impose as an obstacle for youth voters Voting So the Question is?
What Could Increase Voter Registration??? For 2013, the election dates are
11/2013 Election Dates for Tennessee However, our community election date is: Our Community Election Date Product Resources No, as I'm actually content with how things have played out with the voting registration process. Creative In Tennessee you can register to vote or update your registration info at your local Dept. of Safety
Next, simply either complete an online application
or get one directly from the office and they'll send it to the elections commission for uou.
Another way would be registering to vote when you apply for a driver's license or ID card.
Lastly, you have 30 days before the date of an election to register as well. To be honest, I believe that the "voting creative project" encouraged all of you to vote and obtain voter's registrations because I gave the specifics to voting requirements and procedures. However, several studies indicated "possible" voter fraud. 08/2013
Memphis, TN As the foundation of our democracy, I believe that the key idea to gathering more voters, is to decrease several barriers that voters deal with during the election process... First, registration should be offered online, maybe have satellite registration locations, or simply having one on election day. Lastly, the next idea would be to increase the number of polling locations, easing the frustration of having to wait in long lines
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