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All Clear-

No description

Odella Jowaheer

on 13 January 2015

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Transcript of All Clear-

Literal Meaning
This dramatic monologue deals with the large scale emigration of West Indian males to work on the Panama Canal and elsewhere in Latin America in the 19th century to early 20th century and the women they left behind.
The role, function & place of women in modern Caribbean societies
Racism & Shade bias

Background Information
Tone & Mood
All Clear 1928: Olive Senior

What do you think is the intent of Senior's writing?
to raise historical consciousness as part of the strategy of nationalism
to elaborate of how shade bias within the community devastatingly impacts upon one Jamaican woman
enlighten us on the repercussions history had on Jamaica
Significance of the title
“The oral culture has to be seen not as ossified, decayed, dying or backward
traditional culture but as the continued bearer of a whole way of being…to claim the influence of the oral and assert its continued potency, is not to devalue literary endeavor but to enhance it.”- Olive Senior, in the article "The Poem as Gardening, the story of Su-Su: Finding a literary voice
Puerto Limón (Costa Rica), Havana (Cuba), Colón (Panama): all places that attracted West Indian migrant workers from the 19th to early 20th centuries.
Tone (attitude): Conversational,Begrudging
Mood(atmosphere): solemn, depressing, melancholy
Structure of the poem
Lineation, Stanza, Foot, Meter
Sound Devices
Language, Imagery, Poetic Effects
Pause for Thought
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