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How to Jump Start your school communications with Parent Express Email

A self-paced how-to for Administrators and Editors using Parent Express Email.

Darren Lancaster

on 15 February 2012

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Transcript of How to Jump Start your school communications with Parent Express Email

How to jump start your school communications with
Local community groups
This how-to is self-paced...
1. Why use PEX?
2. The basics
4. Creating & sending email
3. Adding your members
5. Important PEX tools
Our how-to roadmap
Who uses PEX?
When is it used?
School staff
Parents & parent leaders
PTA/PTO leaders
Committee leaders
Room parents
Quick alerts & reminders
Polls & surveys
Recruiting volunteers & sign-ups
Group collaboration
Home page basics
Your latest email drafts
PEX email basics
Your school's custom email header
Choose your own color
Editable content area
Footer, including unsubscribe link
School or group logo
Upload your own image
School and family-friendly ad
3 ways to add members to your PEX account
1. One-at-a-time
2. Upload lots of members at once
Your upload file will contain
Member first & last name
Member email address
Are you converting from...?
Yahoo, MSN, or Google Groups
Constant Contact
Power School
Just export your members and email your file to support@groupvine.com and we'll help with your upload
3. Members apply on your school's registration page
How-to do it
1. Publish the registration link on your website
2. Send the registration link in an email
3. Put the registration link in your hardcopy flyers
As members apply
You'll receive an email notification
Approve or deny them on the member applications tab
Your registration link to publish is here
How-to do it
Click here for immediate online chat help...
Click here to search the PEX knowledge-base, ask questions, report problems, or suggest ideas
Using the
web interface
There's 2 options for creating & sending email
Quick Send
(and your favorite email application)
How-to do it
1. Visit your home page
2. Select the lists or sub-groups you want to reach
3. Copy the resulting group email address into your favorite email application
5. To send email to the same recipients later (without logging in)...
Add the group email address into your contacts list
4. Create & send your email
How-to do it
1. Start here
2. Decide on your subject line, target recipients, and choose a template
3. Compose your email
Use this button if you have formatting problems to clear up
To paste content from Microsoft Word
Add a web link
Add an image
Add a file attachment, either:
Spelling checker
Add a survey, poll, volunteer request, or other question
To download via clickable link...
...or as a standard file attachment
4. Preview your email
5. Send a draft to all Admins & Editors
6. Send the final to all recipients
Powerful editing tools
From the email archive you can...
View a previously sent email
1st grade
PTO Board
School staff
Committee Leaders
Lists allow you to send email to specific people
Whereas, sub-groups are like "mini-PEX" accounts for the other leaders in your school
Which way to go?
To learn more and get started using lists and sub-groups...
Look for these tabs on the Manage Membership, lists, sub-groups, & permissions page
Edit & resend a previously sent email
See important stats and discover which recipients:
Opened your email
Never received it (because it bounced)
From Jasmin
and really nice support team!
and the rest of our
To get back home
(this page)
To email your members in seconds
(more on Quick Send later)
Common actions
Click the arrow button
one more time to start

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(or use the forward & backward keys on your keyboard)
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