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Falling In Reverse

No description

madison mulrooney

on 23 October 2013

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Transcript of Falling In Reverse

Ronnie Radke
The Band
Ronnie Radke as lead singer, guitarist Jacky Vincent, drummer Ryan Seaman, rhythm guitarist Derek Jones, bassist Ron Ficarro. The band has produced 2 albums "The Drug In Me Is You" came out in 2011 July 26th, selling 18,000 copies in just 1 week. There 2nd album "Fashionably Late" came out on June 18 2012. The band was put together by Ronnie as he was in prison, they were forced to change the band name to "Fulling In Reverse" due to copy write. Genres: post-hardcore, metalcore, pop, punk, rap, rock, emo.
Songs By Falling In Reverse
raised by wolfs
tragic magic
the drug in me is you
I'm not a vampire
good girls bad guys
pick up the phone
don't mess with ouija boards
sink or swim
caught like a fly
goodbye graceful
the westner
The Drug In Me Is You
Ronnie Radke is the lead singer of the band Falling In Reverse. Ronnie was born on December 15th 1983 in Las Vegas. Hes 29 years of age. He was apart of the band Escape The Fate when he was sent to prison for two years, he also spent sometime in rehab for drug abuse. The band Escape the fate kicked Ronnie out of the band for getting caught with heroin in prison. Ronnie plays guitar, piano, and vocals. Ronnie was engaged to a playboy model named Crissy Henderson, Ronnie and her had a child named Willow Grace Radke born on June 11th 2013. Crissy and Ronnie later got divorced.
Ronnie Radke
Derek Jones
Ryan Seaman
Jacky Vincent
Ron Ficarro
Fashionably Late
bad girls club
rolling stone
fashionably late
born to lead
its over when its over
game over
self-destruct personality
f*** the rest
keep holding on
where have you been
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