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Slaves/Commoners from New France

No description

Jocelyn Ruhl

on 14 October 2014

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Transcript of Slaves/Commoners from New France

Slaves/Commoners from New France
enough nutricous food to eat
slaves-The salves were verry skinny, one even had to go to to go to the hospital evey three months.
commoners-They ate vegtables such as corn,potatos,and squash that they grew. They also ate beef,lard and bread.
comparason-The commoners had much more ro eat and were in much better condision.
slaves-The slaves lives in their masters big house
commoners-The commoners had a sturdy shelter.
comparason-I think that the slaves have a better shelter because they live in their masters big house.
support from family/community
slaves-A slave was born into a slve family
commoners-A commoner was born into a commoner family and if they went on a trip they would get funds by the community
comparason-The commoners get more suport from the community.
good health
slaves-tThe slaves were skinny and not in good condition
commoners-They acess to nutricous food and a sturdy shelter.
comparason-I think the commoners were in better condision because they ate nutricous food and had a good shelter and the slaves were very skinny but had a good shelter.
Security and harm at work and home
Slaves-Their master would protect the slaves from harm.
Commoners-The commoners were protected by the gaurds by harm and attacks.
comparason-I think the security were even because the commoners have the gaurds and the slaves have their masters.
Basic Rights
Slaves-The slaves could not be tortured or their limbs can not be mutilated
Commoners-They could borrow land with their family and they can not be harmed.
comparason-I think the commoners had more rights because they could choose what work they do but the slaves had to do what thei master pleased.
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