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Mauricio Fuentes

on 16 February 2015

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Transcript of NATURE

Regina Sanchez #22 Natalia Cisneros #6
Why does nature motivate us to make our world better?
Nature surrounds us with beautiful views and lovely creatures. This is why nature is our motivation. We want to preserve all these gifts for future generations to enjoy.
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What is Nature?
The physical world and everything in it (such as plants, animals, mountains, oceans, stars, etc.) that is not made by people.
"Nature & Landscapes Download 129,116 Wallpapers (Page 1) - ForWallpaper.com.
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"Nature Butterfly Animals HD Wallpapers 1920x1080 - Fondo Hd #1244. - Fondo Hd #1244. Web. 16 Oct. 2014.
How can
we preserve it?
Gather cardboard, newspaper and plastic bottles in a different bin for it to be taken to the recycling center.

Disconnect all your electronics when you are not using them.

Don't waste water. Take out a bucket while it's raining to collect water. Use it later to mop.
If there is a park near your house you could invite your neighbors to plant trees.

Be a role model to your community by showing them that recycling is a good thing.
Recycling can help reduce the amount of trash accumulated. You can recycle in many places. To recycle follow these tips:
Start by placing different types of trash bins to separate plastic, aluminum and cardboard.

You can also use recycled materials such as newspaper or kleenex boxes in your art class to create new things.

You can start by using your bike to travel instead of your car.

Pick up all the trash you find on the streets and place it on the recycling bins.
"Appendix A: Model K-12 School Environmental Health Program." EPA. Environmental Protection Agency. Web. 28 Oct. 2014.
Why Should We Care?
"Cape Grim Greenhouse Gas Data." Cape Grim Data. Web. 04 Nov. 2014.
"Air Pollution Ups Diabetes, Hypertension Risk in African-American Women." The Hindu. Web. 04 Nov. 2014.

Is a
Disney Channel
association that wants to make a change in the world by inviting boys and girls to contribute in activities such as:
Planting trees
picking up trash on the streets
helping other kids without education,
among other activities. This campaign started in 2012 by some Disney celebrities who started promoting activities around the world.
Today we will start to care more about this problem. We promise to encourage others to help and be an example of change. We want to preserve nature for it to last forever.
"Red Cross and Disney Help Kids and Families Prepare for Disasters with Expanded Collaboration | Official Disney Blog." The Walt Disney Company Web. 11 Nov. 2014.
Remember that we are collecting old IOS devices for schools that don't have the opportunity to use them for education.

"Water Pollution Essay Sample - My Essay Search." My Essay Search.Web. 30 Oct. 2014.
" Be the change you want to see in the world"
~ Mahatma Gandhi
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