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WEI Team going to Kenya

Why am I going, what will I be doing, and where will I be. Check it out!

Emily Woo

on 6 September 2013

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Transcript of WEI Team going to Kenya

Women's Enterprises International is Going to Kenya aUG. 7-21ST
But don't they dream too ...

Some people say that Africa is hopeless...
Over 50% of Kenya lives below the poverty line....

and often collecting water for survival overtakes the opportunity for education & work
Connection and friendship between our Seattle team and the Kenyan women we will be working with

Would we provide hope, encouragement, + allow the Kenyan Women groups to dream even more for themselves and their families

health + grace for everyone on our team

protection + safety with our travels on the road between villages and in the air

Join us in prayer as we see beyond our own dreams
For each woman, God has given her the hands + a mind to dream. Sometimes all she needs is the tools...
WEI is a Seattle-based, non-profit organization motivated by sharing the love of Christ through long-term relationships and practical development projects.
They have been working in Kenya for 10 years with a focus on bring sustainable water-solutions and educational scholarships to rural families.
The team is made up of 10- women from Seattle, WEI is taking photographers, world travelers, high + college students, teachers and grandmas
WEI encourages women to raise money in community groups
To purchase water tank cisterns to collect clean rain water. WEI provides encouragement and matching funds for their accomplishments
Then the women move onto the next development project
For most of our trip, we'll be in Lukenya visiting the women's groups, working with them to fix the local Primary school and planting a garden for the kids.

The culmination of our trip will be celebrating with the women groups, at the Harambee Celebration, as they open their banks and install their NEW water tanks!

We'll also have tea with a Member of Parliament and our last 2-days will be spent at the Masai Mari Tent Park for a safari !
~ Prayer Requests ~
If you would like to partner with Women's Enterprises International and provide finanical support for the water tanks, please write a check to

Women’s Enterprises International
PO Box 95775
Seattle, Wa 98145

Checks should be noted Water Tanks
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