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No description

Luke Ascoli

on 18 September 2014

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Transcript of Basecamp-Prezi

Introduction to Basecamp
Why Basecamp?
Online project management and collaboration tool
Gives teams a central workspace for day-to-day operations
Cloud-based task lists, discussions, documents, calendars and more
Ensures projects stay on track
Streamlined Workflow
Never hunt through files or dig through old emails
Every project has its own space
Everything is kept neat, tidy, and separate
Organize People
Invite anyone to join Basecamp projects
Organize people within departments, teams or any other grouping needed
Files, drafts, ideas, and discussions are saved securely in Basecamp
Review projects when you've been away
Monitor progress of projects
Archive for future reference
Messages are kept in simple chronological order
They are clearly identified by sender
Eliminate messages getting fragmented and lost in email threads
Staff is able to access all messages
If anyone is out of the office, another team member can get up to speed on a project quickly
Timelines, To-do Lists
and Milestones
Put tasks in to-do lists with a specific “due” dates  
Use the calendar feature to see everyone’s schedule at the same time
Add major project events with milestones
Don't be tied to your computer
Respond through email (on any device) to Basecamp messages 
With Basecamp we’re able to work smarter, so we can get things done quicker and better
Don’t waste time looking for things or re-explaining conversations
Know exactly what’s happening with your projects all the time
Tips and Best Practices
Basecamp Is For the Team, Email Is For Everyone Else
Basecamp is great for tracking tasks, delegating, and communicating with your team
Everyone doesn't need to see the details
Loop the Right People In and Out of Conversations.
Checking people off on message threads generates email
If a discussion is no longer relevant for certain team members, uncheck them from email notifications
You can discuss anything in Basecamp
If a to-do is assigned to an individual and they need to work with someone else to get the job done loop the other person in to the to-do
Communication should be focused on the project
Privacy and Permissions
Restrict access to your project to team members
This saves everyone from having to scroll through lists of projects they're not involved in
Projects Should Be Big
and Focused

Avoid making a large number of tiny projects
Projects should have a clear goal in mind and have a defined end point
Your project description should describe what your project is going to achieve
If you can't think of a description, maybe you don't need a project
Tick off and Archive
Make sure you tick off completed to-dos
Archive projects when they are finished
This keeps your Basecamp homepage tidy and relevant
Make It All About Me
Use the ‘Me’ tab to zone in on just your work
View your to-do’s per project due either today, this week, next week or forever
View your recent activity
Figure out what to do next
Naming Projects
Projects are displayed in a large list or series of cards
This can get big and messy fast
(All projects should fall under these categories)



"Communications: Website" 

"Communications: General Printing"

"Books: Teaching Adults"
Project names would then follow the colons,
as simply as possible. 


We do not use underscores at all
We do not use abbreviations, unless needed

We do not title projects after staff
Get Creative and Explore

You get the most out of Basecamp when you play around with it, trust it and look for new ways of doing things.
Creating a New Project
Gaining Access, A Quick Tour and
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