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A Night Divided

No description

sydney leonard

on 31 January 2017

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Transcript of A Night Divided

The setting of A Night Divided takes place in mostly East Germany, during the 1900's. It was when the Berlin Wall was put up.
A Night Divided
The genre of this book is historical fiction. I know this because It takes place during a real event and talks about the Berlin wall.
Main Characters
The main characters in this book are brother and sister. Their names are Gerta and Fritz. Gerta is 12-years-old. They are both trying to get to the West side of Berlin, to be with their dad and middle brother.They are the protagonists in the book. The antagonists are all the soildes. They are the antagonists, because they are mean. Also, They kill innocent people.
Point Of View
The point of view in this book is first person. I can tell, because you are reading the book through Gerta's eyes. Example: "I'm so sorry, Anna," I said
Greta, her mom, and her brother, Fritz, all wake up on the East side of Berlin. Over night the communist side of Berlin (East Berlin) had put up a wall, know as the Berlin Wall. Their dad and middle brother were on the other side of the wall looking work. They were separated with no way of coming back together. One day, while Gerta was walking to school, She saw her dad on the other side of the wall. Her was doing a weird dance. Later, she recived a drawing. Gerta put two and two together, and figured out her father wanted them to dig out of East Berlin. She wanted her family to be together again, but of they tried to escape, they would most likely be caught and killed. Will they take the risk and try to dig a tunnel? If they do, will they make it to the other side? Read the book A Night Divided to find out.
By: Jennifer A. Nielson
Berlin Wall
Map Of East and West Germany
Figurative Language
Example: "The
shovel rest
on the hard, brown dirt." pg. 103 (personification)
I thought this book was really good! I would easily rate this book five out of five stars. I think people who like books that take place around the time of World War II would really enjoy this book. I would recommend it to people from 5th grade to 8th grade.
Three Historical Facts
My three historical facts are about the Berlin Wall.
*It divided Berlin into East and West from 1961 to 1989. (Started August 13, 1961)

*The Berlin Wall was constructed by the German Democratic Republic (GDR, East Germany)

*Served to prevent the massive flow of people moving from East Berlin to West Berlin
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