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Introduction to Data Quality (101)

Introduction to be used before teaching any data quality profiling and scorecarding tool.

olaf schroeder

on 10 July 2014

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Transcript of Introduction to Data Quality (101)

2. Establish
Metrics and
Define Target

3. Design and
Implement Data
Quality Rules

4. Deploy Data
Quality Services

6. Monitor
Data Quality
vs Targets

5. Review


Data Quality is the reliability and
effectiveness of data for its intended use.
Q: By whom? or Who is my customer?
Q: What is everyone using this for?
sports car
Q: I'm looking for a
vehicle. What do you recommend?
Q: What do you need to do
with your vehicle?
take 4-5 kids to
church every
and Sunday night
our family of 4
takes trips to FL
twice a year
Quality is conformance to business requirements
the degree of tolerance level for errors.
Standard way
Q: Where would you like your
steering wheel--on the right
or left, sir?
Q: Would like your brake pedal
and gas pedal to be swapped?
A: The standard way.
The brake on left and
pedal on right silly!
A: UK customer: On the right, stupid!
US customer: On the left, stupid!
US mail carrier: On the right, stupid!
A degree of tolerance level for errors
Q: Do you need Well API?
Q: Do you need
Well API before you drill?
A: yes
A: Yes, we need it for the
state regulatory body
that issues our permit
to drill ~ Data Analyst
Life cycle is important to data quality
Well API missing is not tolerated
by the State of Texas
Well API missing can be tolerated when clearing our right of way to the drill site or for dropping off drill pipe to the site.
Q: What is Well API?
A: A smart code that identifies a well uniquely to 3rd parties (government agencies, etc.) and that tells me what state and county a well resides in as well as other things.

1. Profile
So, now by asking a couple questions
you better understand the requirement.
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