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Atmiya Youth Shibir 2013

No description

Jasmine Patel

on 16 November 2013

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Transcript of Atmiya Youth Shibir 2013

Atmiya Youth Shibir 2013
Agnaas by P.P.Swamishree
Bhida Bhakti
- Ashirwad for coming to shibir

- Ashirwad for following Pratham 16, 18

- Ashirwad for not watching Movies

- Das na Das thava na ashirwad

- Samp Suharadbhav na aashirwad

- Five ashirwad given after the dance

- Benefits of reading one line of Vachanamrut - vicharo
Smrutis and Lila Charitra
Goshti Points
- Swami Shreeji -
His Physical Bhido
- P.P.Swamishree has been doing vichran to the US for 26 years and continues at the age of 80
- He has had many surgeries, only to uplift my soul
- P.P.Swamiji has been emphasizing not to watch movies for the last 3 years

- Last year P.P.Swamiji said He wouldn't come to the US the following year, but He decided to come for AYS 2013 and to keep us happy and uplift our souls

- This year He came two times for us

Swagat Ceremony
Special Smrutis
What to Do
- No movies
- No bad company
- No B's in school
- No negative thoughts
- Don't do seva just because someone told you, and don't be angry about it.
- Don't yell at your parents or any elders
What Not to Do
- Get all A's on your report card
- Make good friends in school/college/work
- Always be positive
- Do bhajan every day for at LEAST 10 minutes.
- Treat your parents with great love and respect.
- Do seva without anger or resentment in your heart.
- Look at everyone with Bhagwad bhav.
Rajipo and Ashirwad
- Definition of a true Satsangi according to P.P. Swami Shree

- “Jivtha hoy tho dhanyavad”- P.P. Swami Shree

- Significance of 2015 Atmiya Yuva Mohatsav

- "Ma jeva Sant jode doshti MUST MUST MUST"

- Importance of P.16 & P.18

- In any way possible - Katha Varta, Bhajan, 3 Granth
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