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iPad Parent Info 2015

No description

Rebecca Spink

on 10 November 2014

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Transcript of iPad Parent Info 2015

Our School Vision
ACPS will be a leader in incorporating digital learning
Digital technologies are used to engage and empower students and teachers
Our students will be prepared to become digitally literate, innovative and confident users of digital technologies
They will be critical, creative, confident thinkers and active, lifelong members of a global community
Students will engage in transformative learning experiences- learning that was not possible before digital technologies
Students will be responsible digital citizens
ACPS iPad Program

Parent Information Session
Digital Citizenship
Why iPads?
Challenge Based Learning
Take action and make a difference
Leverage technology in the classroom
1. The iPad, as a device, has functionality and features that enhance its use as an effective and engaging learning tool.

2. The iPad is just a device. It is just another resource, albeit a powerful ‘anything anytime anywhere’ tool, in the teaching and learning toolkit.

3. Quality teaching is the factor which enables the iPad to be used effectively to improve student motivation, engagement and learning outcomes.

4. 90% of students said that learning was more fun when using the iPads.

5. Teaching and learning success with iPads is more likely where they are used in a supportive school and home environment.
21st Century Education
Aitken Creek Primary School aims to provide students with a world class 21st Century education.
Digital Literacy
Young people need to be prepared for a successful adulthood in a world increasingly saturated with digital technologies.

Digital Parenting
- A Checklist
Embrace their world.
Teach them to respect their devices and have ‘screen free’ time.
Use parental controls on computers & devices.
Help manage their digital footprints and reputation.
Talk about The Golden Rule…if you wouldn’t say something to someone’s face then don’t text it, Skype it, Facebook it, IM it or post it.
Agree on downloads…which music, games, sites?
Establish guidelines for managing time online and where they will use their devices.
Reassure them that if anything happens that makes them feel scared, mean or suspicious and they tell you, you will not ‘pull the plug’.
Source: Common Sense Media

ACPS iPad Program
2015 Options

As schools implement 1-to-1 programs, increasing student access to technology at school and at home, it's more important than ever to teach digital citizenship skills.
Common Sense Media’s Digital Literacy and Citizenship curriculum provides the tools needed to teach students how to participate safely, responsibly, and respectfully in today's digital world. Used by more than 70,000 schools, the curriculum introduces students to topics such as Internet safety, cyberbullying, online privacy, plagiarism, and more. Student workbooks include engaging lesson activities, thought-provoking videos, and interactive assessments.
Flexibility to learn anytime, anywhere
Ability to personalise and customize instruction through apps
Ability for teachers to differentiate based on students’ needs
Ability to record audio and to shoot photos
Ability to take notes quickly
Full-day power
Easier to create and share content
What Our Teachers Say...

What Our Parents say...
What Our Students Say...
Having iPads in our class is worth its weight in gold! My students have actively engaged in learning 10 fold with the introduction of iPads. Evernote has enabled students to use real world content and annotate, organise, plan and present.

Students are able to brainstorm, research and collaborate as a class digitally which continually enthralls them. As a teacher, having students that are excited about learning is….Invaluable!

Most of all, I feel as though we are setting our students up for personal success, making them independent learners with tools to accomplish any task.
Year 5/6 Teacher
Technologies are integrated into all curriculum areas. Planning for this allows both students and teachers to use a range of apps and websites for innovative learning.

Students are more engaged with their learning and are extremely creative in their presentations and thinking.

Year 5/6 Teacher
Since having the iPads, I feel it has allowed me to be more flexible and engaging with the students as I can present content in meaningful ways which suits their learning.

Students are more positively motivated to engage with the content as it is not only easy to use, but allows them to be far more creative than a pen and paper can offer.

BYO iPads for my classroom means the great possibility to extend learning beyond the classroom and into their homes as they can utilise the content presented at school to practise at home. They can also share this content regularly with the teacher from home and inform their parents about what is happening within the classroom.

Year 5/6 Teacher
Since having access to iPads, I’ve noticed a change in how both the students and I approach learning, particularly related to the demonstration of learning that just isn’t possible with traditional pen and paper. I can differentiate easily with them and capture learning in exciting ways.

My students are very engaged with lessons that utilise iPads. It’s amazing to watch how focused they are with them. Initially I was concerned that they may be hard to monitor, however have found that they’re too engaged with the learning to even consider using them inappropriately. It’s great!

BYO iPads means that every child will have the ability to enrich their learning both at school and at home. I find that when my students are excited about learning, they enjoy continuing it at home. I think that if they can do so with their iPads they’ll be even more motivated to continue learning outside of the classroom. It opens the possibility to capturing authentic, real world learning. It means creative ways to demonstrate learning and publish work that can be communicated with wider communities – it could give each student a voice beyond the classroom walls. They can connect with others and transform their knowledge to align with the ‘new way’ of the world. It means our classroom will be embracing the 21st century and instilling the necessary skills and competencies they will need to survive in this increasingly digitised world.
Year 1 Teacher
What have you noticed?
Improvements in creativity
More excited to learn
Making videos to creatively show what they have learned
Students sharing work at home
Engagement with apps like iMovie, Comic Life and Halftone- bringing creativity into the home
Evernote as a portfolio- great to keep updated and see learning progression (Year 5/6 Parent)
More likely to share / talk about what they have done at school
Teaching parents and other familiy members how to do things...
Screen time- how much is too much?
Use of Apps- iPad Size
Year 2 Teacher
Prep Teacher

Option 1-
Bring Your Own iPad-
Minimum Requirements iPad 2 16gb (iPad mini is ok)
Must be in a case
Must have school apps downloaded (max $50)

Option 2-
Purchase or rent an iPad from our school portal.
Prices vary depending on the package you choose.

Sample 1- iPad with Retina Display, Case and 2 Screen Protectors
$33 / Month
Sample 2- iPad with Retina Display, Case and 2 Screen Protectors PLUS insurance $44 / Month

With iPads students are making their own decisions about learning more often. They choose which app to use, and select it based on what features they need. They know what outcome they are working towards and what skills they are developing, and they decide how to get there.

iPads make it easy for students to practise and demonstrate 21st century learning skills. They are becoming creative and innovative risk-takers. They are making exceptional leaps and bounds in being able to collaboratively work with others to problem solve.

It used to be that students would draw a picture and write in their books to represent new understandings. Now they add to this by taking photographs, creating videos and recording audio.

The traditional teacher and student roles have changed. The students are more active in the learning process, taking control of not only what they learn but how they want to learn it.

We have an authentic audience for our learning now. Students are producing great quality work and are able to upload it straight to a class blog for their families and wider community to see.

Students have taken control of their own learning. No activity is a ‘one way fits all’ anymore. They have developed the critical and creative thinking skills to be able to select their own way to present and share new understandings. Every lesson has become more meaningful and authentic to the student.

The 1-1 iPad program will give every student the opportunity to transform their learning to new and exciting levels.

Rules and Expectations
Acceptable use agreements
Safety at school
Clear expectations
Monitored use
App list
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