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Blarney Castle

Medieval Irish Castle

Anthony Alvarez

on 11 April 2011

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Transcript of Blarney Castle

Medieval Castles Blarney Castle By Anthony Alvarez History Built in 1210 A.D. This was during the Medieval Times Located in Ireland Was originally wood Then replaced by stone Was demolished again and rebuilt and still stands today Interesting Facts Demolished 2 times World famous Blarney stone is located here Many tourists come to kiss the stone becasue they say it will give you the gift of eloquence Steps called the "Wishing Steps" are located here. Tourists come to walk down then back up with theri eyes closed this issaid to give you good luck They are said to give you good luck if you walk down than back up with your eyes closed Current Status When it was rebuilt by stone it stayed that way and still stands. The End Works Cited
http://www.blarneycastle.ie/pages/history http://www.destination360.com/europe/ireland/blarney-castle
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