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The comprimise of 1850

No description

spencer hoffman

on 23 May 2016

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Transcript of The comprimise of 1850

The compromise of 1850
all five parts of the compromise of 1850
Did you know?
Did you know the the person who proposed the was actually a Kentucky senator Henry Clay.
did you know the compromise was drafted by Henry clay,but it was based off the ideas of Senator Stephen A Douglas of Illinois.
what each side gets
the north get California admitted as a free state.slave trade is prohibited in D.C.and Texas loses boundary dispute with New Mexico south gets no slavery restrictions in Utah and in New Mexico territories
slave holding is permitted in Washington D.C. Texas gets 10 million dollars and fugitive slave law.
by Spencer
how did the compromise
impact on people
why did they want
the compromise.
the author that constituted the compromise was Henry clay
answer circle
what each side gets from
the compromise
American citizens want the compromise because they needed to balance the states or the north will get over taken by the slave states they needed to balance power that's why they got California
part 2 to this question answer
Henry clay needed to get California to balance the powers of the senates.
Henry clay proposed the compromise/Henry is also the Kentucky senator.
The last attempt to keeping the slave states balanced was at the the compromise of 1820 in Missouri.
Cali admitted as a free state
clay pushed for a stronger fugitive slave law
popular sovereignty in Utah and New Mexico
the New Mexico territory would have no restrictions on slavery
slavery is not allowed in Washington D.C.

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the end
thank for listening
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