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Should we protect the Holderness coastline?

This is my GCSE Geography H/W on whether the Holderness coastline should be protected or not.

Shalom Varughese

on 15 March 2013

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Transcript of Should we protect the Holderness coastline?

Should We protect
the Holderness
Coastline? Coastal Erosion Processes
Management Schemes Under lying the Holderness Coast is bedrock made up of Cretaceous Chalk Flamborough is made from chalk Mappleton is an area where coastal management has been done. The average annual rate of erosion is around 2 metres per year. This is around 2 million tonnes of material every year. Hornsea is made from soft boulder clay.This material was deposited by glaciers during the last ice age 18,000 years ago. Spurn point provides us with the evidence that longshore drift has took place Coastal Management at Hornsea Hard defences like Concrete sea walls and timber groynes give protection.

Recently, a stone gabion has been erected to the south of Horn sea, which helps to protect the caravan park. Coastal Management at Mappleton In 1998 the main road running through the town was only 500m from the cliff top.

The erosion rate in that area is up to 2m per year. What has been done? Two rock groynes
Rock revetment } Was done in the year 1991 Problems to the south of Mappleton The groynes at Mappleton have disturbed the natural longshore drift movement.

Estimates have suggested that it has accelerated the cliff erosion to the south of Mappleton by 10m per year. Coastal management at Withernsea Concrete sea walls
Two rock Armour revetments
Groyne field
By Shalom Varughese
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