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Jóvenes (sobre)salientes

No description

Jovenes Sobresalientes

on 3 December 2012

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Transcript of Jóvenes (sobre)salientes

We could also create our own (sobre) salientes social network with all our interviewees Idea Audience Client Freelance. Own team Outstanding Young talent online newspaper Platform where young people
could express their ideas Discovering the client Kind of client The interviewee are between 16 and 28 years old. This could be perfectly the range of the audience age.

The fact that we are writting about young people doesn’t mind that the content is only suitable for adolescent, the good thing about those interviews is that they are interesting for everyone, from the old man who wants to believe in a better youth to the parents who want to know about a possible future for their children El Periódico audience Challenge new? Money Economic crisis Not good representation
of the young generation
in the mass media Long lasting structural
crisis of media sectors team Team 2.0 Young Team Journalist team Context Strategy Organization Dynamic, interactive
and modern Positive voices among
the prevailing negative
discourse Gap in the market Social Networks Young team able to connect
with the same language Reach young readers without
discriminate against the huge
audience Small investment. Cheap
project adapted to the
difficult moment take advantadge of
the blogger world established brand Take advantatge of the freedom
that online videos provides nowadays New and innovative. There is no other well-knon newspaper that dedicates spaces to young people. Our aim Sell Jóvenes (sobre)salientes
to a well-known newspaper,
El Periódico, as a fixed section
on his online version. on short term over the long term Try to be a reference in this area building a huge network of contacts and achieving a faithful audience.
We want to consolidate us as the leaders of young communication and entrepeneurial world. Competitors we are filling a gap Qestudio.com: guide young people in their academical and professional future. Online service. They don't talk about young people, they just give them advice.
Primerasnoticias.com: an online and printed newspaper for young people. Current news adapted to young people interests. They are not focusing on the experience of young people carrying out their own iniciatives.
El diari jove: a free educative program for high school students. They want students to create and edit and own online newspaper. With this we see El Periodico's intention of getting close to young people. But, at the same time these show us there is no specific either specialized section for young people between 20 and 29 years old.

Preparados: a section in the online version of El país which focused on the job insecurity of the very qualified young people. This section had young people as the object of their reports, but with a negative vision of them and their situation.
Ara ens en sortim: a temporal section from Ara's newspaper with real stories and ideas that prove it is possible to overcome every kind of crisis. As Jóvenes (sobre) salientes, this section gives an optimistic view, but it has a different kind of protagonists.
Jóvenes extraordinarios: a section in La Vanguardia's Magazine digital that discovers extraordinary young people. This could be the more similar model to (sobre) salientes, but it doesn't offer videos either a special side for social networks. Independent publications, not linked to a well-know newspaper. So the capacity to reach a huge amount of readers is limited. Good project? Right moment? We are conscious that El Periódico has an specific interest to reach young people. It's a general worry in the vast online newspaper sector.
We trust in our project. We think it has enough quality to fit in a prestigious newspaper.
It's the right project because it's a compensate relation where the benefits are huge for both sides.
We are the necessary loudspeaker to the youth express themselves. young loudspeakers The idea of emphasizing stories of young people who start new projects although the difficulties would have no sense in another conjuntural situation. market
niche Technological era are you the right
person to
offer this project? Nowadays young people are not on the focus of the media.
In the case that media talks about our generation it's always in a bad way. They refer to us as "The Lost Generation", "Ni-Ni", "Botellón Generation" We want to offer a channel of expression that
compensates this negative vision on the general media. With more than 50% of young people unemployed we hace considered that it's a good idea to offer positive stories that brings optimism to this generation.

It has been proved that our stories in Jóvenes (sobre)salientes encourage people to start up new projects.

One of the question that is repeated in all the interviews is “What would be your advice for young people like you”? We want to be a place where people could learn about others and could be motivated to do something similar. Young people has jumped from the printed versions to the online formats. However, they still could not see themselves represented.
They use social networks (as Twitter or Facebook) and blogs to rise their voice.

We want to orient all this voices into one unique platform that can reach a massive audience. We are the 2.0 generation.
We have been educated in a interactive and virtual world.
We have no panic to explore this technological world.
There is no other generation that could use the social networks better than us. We are familiar with technology and social networks. We are able to provide a platform connected with different social networks: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, You Tube, Vimeo and Linkedin.
This year, El Periódico has done a strategic investment in its online platform increasing the traffic with the connection to social networks.
At the same time it has done a huge investment in adapt the content to smartphones, tablets and other technological devices. We are in
the same path. We talk the same language. We are at the same level.
It's a conversation on equal terms.
We can be close to their interest and worries.
We are able to acces their ideas and new projects better than other teams.
We are aware of the latest trends on young people We are journalists. We have very internalized the values of rigor, accuracy and veracity.

We know the audiovisual language

We have the enough skills to interview, edit, film and produce. versatile multi-skilled multi-talented Place Barcelona Activa - Incubadora d'Empreses Glòries Steps:
present the Business plan
the plan needs to be approved (they take into account if it's a innovative project and how vast is your audience)
Once they have approved the project, you have to wait for an empty local.
Price: 8e/m2 each month.
Characteristics of the local: 18m2 maximun and the possibility to do co-working and share costs.
it's something temporal, just until the development of the idea. UPF Business Shuttle - Espai Incubació Requirements:
Maximum 1 year working
A bussiness plan approved by the Unitat d'innovació-UPF Business Shuttle.
Linked to the UPF
Different options:
your own office ("Despat d'incubació")
co-working space ("Espai de Treball Compartit): wethink this suits better to our project because we could take advantadge and learn from other young teams.
own office ("Despat d'incubació"): anual contract (maximun 3 years). The price is 10e/m2 per year. (plus additional costs). The UPF Business Shuttle would take into account the growth perspective of the project if the particular offices are full.
Co-working space: it's just for one year. Later you can move to the particular office. The price us 125e per month. This includes a table, closet, acces target, light, wifi and the cleaning service. 934019777 935421567 as a client

as a partner

as an orderer active role
we do own the rights
we decide
it's similar to a sponsorship El Periódico is a newspaper very concerned about the necessity to reach youngest audience. Because of that concern they have between its staff some young people working, as for example Nacho Corredor. With only 23 years old he writes a column weekly (El Turno) trying to offer the young vision about present events.

Precisely it was in an interview with him that he talks about the possibility of an agreement between El Periódico and Jóvenes (sobre)salientes. He told us that the project is valid enough to be in a reknown newspaper and the newspaper has also an interest to reach this specific generational sector. It is understood also that this close relation would bring more activity in the social networks to El Periódico, something that it’s very important nowadays for the traffic of readers. why? structure? Finantial situation who is responsible of the money? who is responsible of the content? process of decision making If you ask any adolescent if they prefer the writing version of a newspaper or the online one, the answer is usually unanimous: the online format. Not only because it’s usually free but also because it’s easier and fast. They are all the day in front of the computer and when they are not, they have a smartphone who maintains them connected with the present all the time Initial investment we need to have cash flow to start working
investment to pay the office/local/ co-working space
we have already invested in the audiovisual equipment. If we want to grow we'll need more investment in material. But for starting it's enough. How do we get the money? Public Develope our own platform of crowdfunding through the interviewee and their projects.

By this way we want to connect entrepenours with business angel or particulars who are really interested in that idea.

We only want to be the mediators between both sides.
The fact that we are providing this platform allows us to benefit a 5% The "salary" 2 options:
earn X money depending on the frequency and amount content
fixed price per month after talking with Barcelona Activa and its recommendations we hace decided:
We want to negotiate:
a specific initial price because we are linking the brand Jóvenes (sobre)salientes with them.
Proposal: 1.500€
fixed salary per month that depends on the amount that the newspapers requires.
Proposal: all the interviews would be with a video. our idea is to offer 2 interviews per week. So if we charge each interview with 150€, would be 1.200€.

Additional cost:
Community manager of our own content: 250€ per month

Additional videos (for example a longer report: 200€ per piece

The possibility to publish the interviews in the paper format/dominical magazine: 100€ per interview including graphic material. Integration with
the social media Spotify Twitter Facebook We are pioneers in this field. Private Earn money per month as a regular worker of El Periódico. We want to reach an agreement where El Periódico would be able to fix the amount of interviews, the videos and the 2.0 interaction and we would be able to fix the salary. Sections from well-known newspaper, which focus on other aspects or visions Some studies say that the number of young readers on newspapers in Spain has been reduced a lot since 1997. In general, the newspaper don't know how to attract this young readers. Their content is too "institutional" and "oficialist" and the language they use is far from young dynamics.
They need contents from people who know which are their interests, who speaks their language, who use graphic and interactive material, and who offers and uses easily 2.0 tools. What we want? Our capabilities: 1. Consolidate a name/brand 2. Collect the young audience of online newspaper 3. Be a platform where young people with ideas
could express theirself 4. A dynamic section, interactive and easy interface 5. A section adapted to the current social networks 6. Be modern and young area inside a newspaper that
is suitable for general public 7. Consolidate a network of contacts (newspaper is
the mentor and big coordinator) 5. We've grown with the social networks. We're going to be our own
community managers 1. We have a brand, a logo. It's just time to open it to new audience 2. The content would be interesting for young people 4. Redesing a section with the help of El Periódico techincal experts
(or externalize this work) 7. Each interviewee is a new contact (e.g: advertising agency).
The blog is a free advertising platform where other people could see our
interviewees and their ideas, so could provide contact to them 6. We write about young people, but it doesn't mind that the content is
only suitable for adolescents. Our interviews are interesting for
everyone (e.g: parents). 3. The voice is for them, not for us. We're only going to tell what
they do. Not our vision "Ayudas a la inversión en capital para incrementar la oferta legal de contenidos digitales culturales en Internet y para promover la modernización e innovación de las industrias culturales y creativas" 1. Ministerio de Cultura:

Promote the digitalization of cultural content and its international difusion through online platform.
Encourage the implementation of projects that promote the modernization, innovation and technological adaptation of cultural industries and media. www.mcu.es/industrias/Ayudas/Ayudas_inversion Purpose: Freelance (registered) and spanish companies who produce and distribute a new project in the media. Beneficiaries: 2. Generalitat de Catalunya: Projects that promote the catalan communication space in digital editions of private media. Only if we create a Catalan edition... Beneficiaries: Purpose: Consolidate catalan in digital media. Money: approx. 800€ 3. Awards: Premis Blocs Catalunya 2012: Promote and consolidate catalan blogs. Purpose: Beneficiaries: Professional blogs created in different areas, e.g: in communication and media field. Award: a catalan web domain (.cat) Media consume: Age:
related to the general internet population: How popular is elperiodico.com with each audience? It has an over-representation
between 25 and 44 years, but it has an under-representation between 18-24 years Source: Source: Sex: Education: People who went to graduate school
are greatly over-represented Browsing Location: The most of people who visits
periodico.com do it from work elgg.org Internet consume
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