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People at work (Chp 24)

No description

Miss Cummins

on 20 January 2016

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Transcript of People at work (Chp 24)

People at work (Chp 24)
'Unemployment refers to the number of people who are able and willing to work for payment but cannot get a job'
Self employment
When someone works for themselves for payment
Organisation of the workplace
In the workplace there are many different jobs to be done

In order for the workplace to be efficient the work is
divided up
among the people in the workplace

organisation chart
shows how the work is organised

chain of command
also shows who is responsible for each section of the business
What is employment?
'work undertaken for payment'
Work versus Employment
Q. What is the main difference ?
What is an EMPLOYEE ?
Someone who works for someone else for payment

= farming, forestry, mining, fishing

= manufacturing and construction

= non agri/industry (banking, healthcare, advertising, retail etc.)
Rights and Responsibilities of Employees
Rights of an employee
An employee is entitled to:
Recieve a minimum wage

Work in a safe working area

Join a trade union if they wish

Be treated in an equal way
Responsibilities of an employee
An employee should:
Be honest when applying for a job
Do an honest day's work
Protect the employer's property and good name
Play their part as a member of the work team
Labour Force
People who are employed (agri, industry, services)
All those who are available to work BUT are unable to find work
People who are
are people who:
Are retired
Are in full time education
Do not want to work

Population of Ireland =
4.5 million
2.1 million = Labour Force
All those who are working and those willing to work
Live register measures the
level of unemployment
What are the main reasons for unemployement?
Work in pairs to discuss this for 2 minutes
How can we reduce unemployment?
2 mins to discuss with a partner

Make a list of products/services used in Ireland, but are produced in other countries.

Could any of these be produced in your area?

Which ones could not be produced in your area?
John and Geraldine are two very enterprising students - they decide to become self employed for the summer. They cut people's lawns and do some gardening. They hired and lawn mower and clippers. They provided the enterprise and the labour and then hired the capital.
Rewards for being self-employed
1. Make your own decisions

2. Able to choose what you want to do

3. Keep all the profits
Risks for being self-employed
1. If the business fails you take all of the loss

2. Might have very long hours

3. Have to use savings if something brakes
Four steps to becoming self-employed
1. Generate the IDEA

2. Research the IDEA
3. Cost the IDEA
4. Go for IDEA or generate new one
Is it worth following?

5 minutes!

In pairs, come up with a self-employment idea as a student

Write down an idea and how you would carry it out

Be prepared to report back to the class!
Question 5 and 6
Page 160
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