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by: Robert Louis Stevenson

lauren clair

on 29 May 2013

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Transcript of Kidnapped

By: Robert Louis Stevenson Kidnapped Settings This book took place in June 1781 and was mostly located in Scotland and on a boat called the "Convenant", where David was kidnapped. Main Characters' strengths and weaknesses The two main characters in this book were David Balfour and Alan Breck Stuart. Plot Prezi created by : Lauren Clair Conflict/Resolution Quote Theme Tone Personal Response... David’s father dies and in his will he tells David to go live with his rude uncle at the house of Shaws.
David then clears his name and gets back at his uncle for selling him. I enjoyed reading this book. It had lot of exciting action and adventure. It also had a great plot. This book was challenging to read. It would sometimes use dialogue that was hard to understand because of its old Scottish accent. Also, some of the conflicts that were involved in this book (Jacobite's, Whigs) were hard for me to understand because of the time period I live in. David is brave, friendly, smart, and is always a loyal friend. David can sometimes get himself into trouble by trusting people he should not, though. Alan is also very brave and cunning. Sometimes though, because of his strength in fighting, he can be too violent. Also, both Alan and David have a weakness of being too loyal to each other. It rained heavily; with the very cold nights it usually became very foggy which affected scenes in this book. The theme of this book is Adventure. David embarks on many adventures with his friend Alan, escaping pirates and soldiers. "And that's a choice very easily made," said I; and we shook hands upon it. In this quote, David is promising Alan that that he will not part with him on their journeys, even though it will be rough. This quote shows how strong the characters' friendship is. Otherwise, Kidnapped was a very interesting and breathtaking book. I recommend this book to advanced readers seeking adventure. I loved this tale. Man vs. Man:
David's uncle sells David to be a slave on a ship, but then David and Alan together take over the entire ship. Man vs. Society:
David and Alan are constantly running into trouble, and David is accused of murder. They clear their name though, at the house of Shaws. All though, they know that traveling together would not be safe, they could not part, and this put them in danger. His uncle sells him to a slave ship, where David meets Alan. David and Alan take over the ship by killing almost everyone. David and Alan then travel all over Scotland, escaping from soldiers after being accused of murder. "If I did not cry out, it was because fear had me by the throat; and if I did fall, it was more by Heaven's mercy than my own strength." The tone of this book was suspenseful and serious. This book taught me that good always triumphs over evil. Whatever challenges were thrown at David, he was able to fix them. The end The theme is also revenge and good always triumphs bad. David was seeking revenge from his uncle for selling him, and eventually he did.
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