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A Doll's House: An Introduction

No description

Monika Lasocha

on 17 April 2013

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Transcript of A Doll's House: An Introduction

Henrik Ibsen A Doll's House: An Introduction What is it? A Play Characters: Torvald Helmer.

Nora, his wife.

Doctor Rank.

Mrs. Linde.

Nils Krogstad.

Helmer's three young children.

Anne, their nurse.

A Housemaid.

A Porter.

About the Author Henrik Ibsen:


- 19th century Norwegian playwright & poet

- "father of realism"

- a founder of Modernism in the theater Info on the Doll's House Realistic, modern prose drama

Explores Nora's struggle with traditional roles of wife & mother & own need for
self - exploration

Questions societal practices

Heavily Critiqued

Banned from certain theaters When reading,
keep in mind: * Time
* Societal Pressures / Traditions
* Why would this play be an issue
to society?
* Nora's character Enjoy! How Many Acts? 3 Themes Sacrificial Role of Women

Parental Obligations

Unreliability of Appearances

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