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No description

Meg East

on 23 April 2013

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Transcript of Methemoglobinemia

Methemoglobinemia It is a type of hemoglobin. Methemoglobinemia may be due to a defect in the enzyme NADH methemoglobin reductase an autosomal recessive trait or to an abnormality in hemoglobin M an autosomal dominant trait How you acquire Blue Skin Disease There are two ways to acquire Blue Skin Disease. The first and most common is through a genetic mutation of an enzyme that both parents must have and the other is through environmental factors such as toxins or nitrates. Dysfunction The only dysfunction of methemoglobinemia is associated with that which acquired. For example, a topic anesthetic called Benzocaine can cause Cyanosis, neurological and cardiac dysfunction may result when methemoglobin concentrations exceed 30 percent. There have been no reports of dysfunction in genetic methemoglobinemia. Related disorders Acquired Methemoglobinemia can cause heart failure and neurological disorders. There is no evidence that Genetic Methemoglobinemia has any related disorders. Methemoglobinemia Statistics In genetic Methemoglobinemia is the child has a 25% chance of developing the disorder. There has been only 44 cases of Methemoglobinemia reported due to anesthesia and 4 from nitrate. Prognosis Genetic Methemoglobinemia has no know side affects and the people with it have lived full and healthy live. Acquired can be treated with a drug called Methyl Blue and live the same as before.
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