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Teenage Binge Drinking

No description

harry barker

on 16 September 2011

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Transcript of Teenage Binge Drinking

Teenage Binge Drinking

The younger the drinker the more chance of alcohol problems later in life

Young kiwis abusing alchohol are three times more likely to violently offend

Alcohol is the most common cause of teenage suicides
Statistics show about 125,000 teenagers (over 40%) under 17 fell into the category of binge drinkers with 50,000 drinking at least once a week – "with the intention of getting drunk”.

Surveys have showed that during the past four weeks 69 percent of 18-to-19-year-old females and 68 percent of males drank to excess.
Some Sobering Stats: More than a quarter of both females and males said they drank until they blacked-out with one in 10 saying they had been assaulted physically or sexually through alcohol-related behaviour in the past four weeks. Is it a cultural issue? Or just a phase? Will it get worse? Or can it only get better? By Harry Barker Now. Lets hear their side of the story...
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