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Using Social Media Apps as Language Learning Tools

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Sehrish F. Kazim

on 24 April 2014

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Transcript of Using Social Media Apps as Language Learning Tools

Social Media Apps
Using Social Media Apps as Language Learning Tools
How much time do you spend
on the internet?

Which websites do you mostly
browse and why?

Use of Social Media Apps in Saudi Arabia
Of the total Kingdom's population, 54 percent are internet users.
More than 13 million people use social media for various purposes.

51% are active on Twitter and 42% on Facebook
More than 90,000,000 videos are watched daily on Youtube, that’s more
than any daily Youtube video viewership number world wide!
Do you use internet on your
cell phones?

Social media is the interaction among people in which they create, share or exchange information and ideas in virtual communities and networks.

Types of Social Media
Kaplan and Haenlein classified social media in seven types. (Business Horizons, 2010)
Collaborative Projects
Blogs and Microblogs
Social News Networking Sites
Content Communities
Social Networking Sites
Virtual Game-Worlds
Virtual Social Worlds
Sehrish F. Kazim
Language Instructor
Jazan University, K.S.A.

Social Media Apps in Language Learning
Create a Facebook page/group for students.
Share quotations
Start a poll
Recommend pages/groups
Frequently update status for discussions
Share videos and other materials
Mark's English TEFL Classroom
(a widely followed facebook page)
Sharing posts
Create a twitter account for your students.
Tweet for your students
Following Conversations
Following Others
Correcting Tweets
A tweet by a Pakistani Journalist
Make sample board on textbook related topics
Enable the students to follow your work
Facilitate the students in designing their own boards on assigned topics.
eg. Take pictures prompt-cards, post-it notes or even object in students' language and pin them on your board. Ask the students to comment on it in English.
Ask the students to record a video blog
of their hobbies, or any topic of their choice.

Facilitate the students to create a blogging account.
Assign topics
Give feedback
Data extracted on April 22, 2014
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