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Attack on Pearl Harbor

No description

Kayla Thomason

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of Attack on Pearl Harbor

Attack on Pearl Harbor The Attack of Pearl Harbor happened on December 7, 1987 Japan attacked Pearl Harbor, Hawaii
in an attempt to neutralize us with
their weapons and to keep us out of their way for them to get natural resources and other products they couldn't make like rubber. They tried to destroy our weapons so that we could not stand in their way but it backfired on them and we got more involved in the war At 7:55 in the morning Pearl Harbor was hit with bombs and bullets from 183 planes in the first wave and an hour later the second wave of 167 planes went hit Pearl Harbor as well The commanders were expecting American planes around the same time so they told the officers not to worry,but it was really the Japanese planes instead of American planes. There was 21 ships that sunk and out of those ships all but 3 ships where fixed and ended up sailing once again under the American Flag My credible sources are:
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